Shopping in Hungary

A full array of merchandise from traditional to modern is available when shopping in Hungary. Traditional wares can be found all over the country, from Debrecen to Kecskemet to Pecs and beyond in Hungarian shops, large shopping malls, or a traditional Hungarian market. Smaller towns and cities, as well as the larger ones, offer plenty of handmade products such as exquisite embroidery, woven and sewn wall hangings, hand painted ceramics, a vast array of traditional dolls, and unique wooden toys. The two distinct styles of famous porcelain, Herend and Zsolnay, and woven baskets are also renowned items, both in the Hungarian market and city shops. Alcohol and food as well as books and music are also top products sold in many stores in Hungary that are both affordable and of good quality.

When visiting a Hungarian market, the assortment of products can be dizzying! Foie gras, or goose liver, is a popular food at many markets carry. Caviar and a large selection of prepared meats are also a good bet when visiting a Hungarian market. Paprika, a well-used spice and main ingredient in traditional Hungarian dining, is widely available in both markets and shops and makes a great gift or souvenir to take home. There are many different varieties of both pickled meats and spices to choose from.

In Budapest, there are plenty of thriving shopping areas. Some of the best deals are found along Great Boulevard, or Nagykörút, where the open air markets are in full swing every day of the week but Sunday. Hunyadi Tér Market, Rákóczi tér Market, and Klauzál tér Market in the center of the historic Jewish Quarter are all top markets in the city. The largest and most notable Hungarian market in Budapest is Központi Vásárcsarnok, or Great Market Hall. This market is by far one of the best places to spend your currency in Hungary. The architecture alone tells a long tale of history throughout the last one hundred years while three levels packed with thousands of products offers plenty to look at and lots to shop for. Exploring the markets is one of the best things to do to get a sense of everyday life in Hungary. They are especially thriving during city events like the Budapest Spring Festival when things get very busy in the capital.

Large shopping malls are also found throughout the city. Shopping in Hungary at the larger shopping malls presents the opportunity to scope out leading fashion and music, as well as see a movie, grab a bite, and do some people watching. If you’re feeling a little sick of the modern take on shopping, head to the streets where street vendors spread out their wares and wait to haggle for the best price. Other top buys when shopping in Hungary include regional wines, plum, and apricot brandy. These traditional and famous goods can be found throughout the country and are the most common items available. Spending your currency in Hungary is an easy thing to do, and with a little price comparison and a good eye, many excellent bargains can be found.

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