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There are enough hotels in Siofok to justify its standing as one of the premier resorts in Hungary. It boasts charming Victorian architecture, wonderful long beaches, and varied things to do both on and off the water. Since this makes the town a popular destination for both young people and families, there are plenty of cheap hotels in Siofok to be had.

Siofok lodging options also include some of the many self-catering Hungary apartments as well as youth hostels. There are also plenty of good mid-range accommodations and several fine 4-star properties. In fact, Siofok accommodation choices present a varied and diverse range to suit any taste and budget. Once you get here, you can forget about transportation worries for the most part, because so many Siofok hotels are within walking distance of the lake and the town center, as well as the best shopping and restaurants.

Hungary boasts many thermal spas and baths, so wellness centers are common throughout the country. Many of the best Siofok hotels are wellness centers with an array of spa-like features, including indoor outdoor swimming pools, saunas, Jacuzzis, steam rooms, massage services, and fitness equipment. The 4-star Vértes Conference and Wellness Hotel is situated in the center of town and boasts a full wellness center, nicely decorated and spacious rooms with all amenities, and is only a few steps from the main beach.

One of the best hotels in Siofok is the 4-star Hotel Azur, which boasts all of these features, including luxuriously appointed and spacious rooms. It\'s accessible to the popular public beaches and also has its own private beach. Its restaurant is one of the best dining venues in town, serving well-known Hungary wine and excellent food, with an accent on low calorie, healthy cuisine. Another of the finest of the Siofok hotels is the Best Western Janus Atrium, also a full-service wellness center. It has a very good Thai restaurant and its distinctive architecture (part of it was the old Lutheran church) gives it plenty of character. Both the Azur and Janus have very spacious, upscale rooms and suites.

Much of the mid-range and 3-star Siofok accommodation is found in charming old villas, some of which are historic landmarks. These Siofok hotels give you taste of Hungarian history as well as comfort and intimacy at reasonable rates. The Villa Campana was built at the end of the nineteenth century as an upper-class family’s home and is right on the town’s Golden Beach and two-minute walk from the town center. A garden bar offers cocktails and light snacks, and breakfast is included. With only ten rooms, it fills up quickly, but there are several other similar villas. While these may not be the kinds of glitzy resorts you're accustomed to, they have great character and are centrally located in a town that is a resort itself.

One of the good hotels in Siofok for small groups and families is the Pàter Hotel & Apartments. It lacks the character of a villa and rooms are rather plain, but it is near everything in town and very reasonable. In addition to single and double rooms, it has apartments with kitchen and dining area accommodating up to six people. This kind of Siofok accommodation is plentiful in town, because people generally come for vacations of more than just one or two overnights. You’ll also see vacation packages featuring these sorts of mid-range properties.

If you’re looking for really cheap hotels in Siofok then one of the many Hungary hostels could be for you. The Touring Youth Hostel provides clean and comfortable basic Siofolk lodging at bargain prices. It’s in nicely landscaped gardens near the railway station and within walking distance of the town center. Also nearby are the Palace Disco and famous Coca Cola Beach Club.

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