Skiing in Hungary

Skiing in Hungary is definitely possible, though is not as easy to find places to ski as in some other European countries. Since the terrain of Hungary is largely flat, the country is not best known for skiing possibilities (as far as winter sports go, ice-skating is a bigger one), but rather for other attractions. Skiing and snowboarding are popular winter pursuits, but Hungarian enthusiasts tend to travel to their neighboring countries blessed with steeper slopes and more plentiful snowfall. Still, with a bit of planning, there's no reason why winter sports lovers can't incorporate some skiing in Hungary into their winter Hungarian vacation.

Because of the country's low elevation, it's important to check ski reports to ensure that there will actually be snow on the hills for your Hungary ski vacation. You can often check resorts' websites for current weather and ski conditions. Most of the country's ski lifts are equipped with T-bar and tow-lifts, a chair lift is a very rare sight! In general, rental locations for skis and other equipment are rare, so either bring your own from home or research where you can rent from. It's a good idea to check ahead of time about the rental terms—sometimes rentals are for several days at the minimum, which can be great if you want several days of snow time, but difficult if you want just a day.

There are places to ski in Hungary both close to Budapest and further in the Northeast. Some of the best places for skiing in Hungary are in the in the Mátra and Bükk region. The Bükk Mountains are part of the Carpathian Mountains. The two highest peaks are the Kékestetõ and Galyateto, and here there are several maintained ski slopes with lifts that are popular with both beginner and recreational skiers. Located in the northeastern part of the country, Kékestetõ is the highest part of Hungary, with the mountain towering 3330 feet. The nearly 1.25-mile runis the longest in the country. Kékestetõ is a popular destination for a Hungary ski vacation and here you will find a number of hotels and guesthouses. There are various kinds of accomodations in Hungary, so you should be able to find something suitable whether you want something more upscale or you're on a budget holiday. Kékestetõ one of the few Hungary ski resorts where you can actually rent skis. After a long day of skiing, coming back to warm and cozy Hungary ski resorts are a perfect way to end the day.

With planning you can visit one of the popular ski destinations in Hungary and get in plenty of sightseeing in the capital city too. One of the closest Hungary ski resorts to Budapest with lifts is the Dobogóko, the oldest of the Hungary ski resorts. This run has a tow lift. Normafa is also popular with Hungarians, though the low altitude makes for lesser quality runs.

In short, even though there are not as many options as in some other European countries, skiing in Hungary is possible. It is important to pick out the destination for your Hungary ski vacation ahead of time and bring your own equipment (or research rental options ahead). Then you'll be all set to hit the Hungarian slopes.

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