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Which is the best hotel in Szeged is a question that depends on just what you’re looking for, because the variety of Szeged hotels for the traveler to choose from is as diverse as the many attractions and things to do that draw visitors to this cosmopolitan university city. There are many excellent options to choose from. Whether you’re looking for cheap hotels in Szeged or a more upscale property, you will find something that can meet any budget and taste. You may not have the gold-plated opulence that’s available in some Budapest hotels but you can find first-rate comfort, with most of the amenities you’d expect at an international hotel.

The Hunguest Group, which has excellent and dependable properties throughout Eastern Europe, has a very good hotel in Szeged—the Forrás. It’s closed for extensive renovations until June of 2009. But when it reopens, it will be the city’s first and only truly deluxe hotel. In fact, it will be one of the many resorts complete with thermal spas and wellness center that are all over Hungary.

The Novotel is an excellent, modern 4-star hotel in Szeged on the banks of the Tisza River with a great view, although it doesn’t have the character and ambience you’ll find in older, historic buildings closer to the city center. For instance, there are several Szeged hotels located right in the middle of the city center where your choices of things to do are many. The Tisza and Dom Hotels are 4-star and all in lovely old buildings in Dom Square. The rooms may be a bit on the smallish size (as is true with many historic hotels throughout Europe), but the atmosphere, dining options, and location can’t be beat.

There are also a number of solid tourist and 3-star properties and quite cheap hotels in Szeged offering an array convenient amenities. This is an important university city, and there is always good, safe, and comfortable cheap Szeged accommodation available. Szeged is also of growing importance to the country’s tourism industry. Because of this, there is no lack of Szeged hotels catering to the budget or the more upscale traveler. If you’re looking for one of these, then settle on when to go and location then start researching.

Don’t forget about the surrounding area. Szeged, like Debrecen and Kecskemet, is in the Pustza, the Great Hungarian Plain. The best cheap hotels in Szeged could well be unique countryside guesthouses, Hungary hostels, or even agro-tourism family farms a little outside of the city. Typically, the bedrooms are in the farmhouse, which is often of whitewashed stucco with thatched roof. All are in picturesque settings offering peace, quiet, and lovely green spaces. In some cases, you can participate in everyday farm chores, and the cuisine available presents the very best of traditional home-cooked Hungarian cuisine.

Many of these farms have been in the same family for generations and each offers the opportunity to experience authentic and comfortable Hungarian farm life. One of the best is the Sweep Pole Farm, named for the type of signature found throughout the Puszta. Another is Panna Guest House. Both are located within about ten miles of Szeged, so automobile transportation is important. It’s evident that Szeged accommodation comes in all shapes and sizes. There’s something for every taste and budget, and the city itself is well worth a visit.

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