Things To Do In Hungary

There are so many exciting things to do in Hungary you’ll need to take multiple trips to take it all in. Hungary attractions are found all over the country in thriving cities, charming Baroque towns, and sweeping country plains. Though most of the famous sights in Hungary are concentrated in the capital city of Budapest, the rest of the country is highly deserving of exploration. From the northern city of Szentendre to the southern region near Croatia, there are myriad tourist attractions in Hungary highly recommended during holidays.

One of the best things to do outdoors in Hungary is hiking in the mountains. Head northwest from the capital of Budapest and hike the well-traversed Mátra, Zemplén, and Bükk mountain ranges. For a little extra thrill, head to Kékestetö on Mátra, the highest peak in the country and one of the best places for a beautiful panorama of the surrounding area. Those looking for more leisure and pleasure than strenuous activity, the hills around Lake Balaton make great walking trails.

Wine Tasting
Visiting Hungary without tasting wine is like touring Italy without eating pasta! Hungary wine is an important part of the country’s history with wine making a paramount Hungarian tradition. With almost thirty well-known wine regions around the country, including Sopron, Eger, and renowned Tokaj, there are many guided and self guided tours to enjoy. With a number of other Hungary attractions found throughout the many wine regions, these areas appeal to many tourists, not only wine lovers.

Thermal Springs and Thermal Baths
Developed around the time of the Turkish occupation of Hungary during the seventeenth century, thermal spring baths are one of the top tourist attractions in Hungary. Soak, saturate, and soothe your muscles in one of the many bath houses around the country.

Lake Balaton
Situated in the mid-west area of Hungary, Lake Balaton is a top summer retreat in Hungary. Flanked by an array of resorts, more than 218 yards of shoreline and gorgeous, sparkling green water, Lake Balaton offers the best things to do in Hungary during the hot summer months.

South of Lake Balaton and west of the city of Szeged lies Pécs. The warm Mediterranean climate, beautiful Turkish monuments, and distinguished city history make Pécs one of the top Hungary attractions and an irresistible city to explore.

Danube River Cruise
The Danube River is one of the most celebrated tourist attractions in Hungary and for many good reasons. Cruising down the river lends the opportunity to immerse yourself in arresting landscapes, ancient architecture, and a heritage worthy of examining in depth. Fascinating medieval villages and valleys bordered by sweeping vineyards are some of the sights illustrating the true beauty of Hungary and surrounding countries like Germany, Austria, and Romania.

Food-lovers take every chance to try the many wonderful Hungarian dishes available throughout the country. Hungarian dining is an experience to relish, with rich stews, hearty soups, delicious pastries, and much more affording a taste of cuisine forged by distinct influences in Hungarian history.

Budapest Spring Festival
The Budapest Spring Festival is the biggest and best celebration in the country. Music, food, exhibitions, theater, and much more are showcased throughout this exciting and energetic event featured each spring in the capital city of Budapest.

Royal Palace
Also referred to as Buda Castle, the Royal Palace is a captivating and reigns over the capital’s skyline. Most magnificent once the sun goes down, the Royal palace’s facade shines over the Danube River, lighting it up like glistening ice. The design of the palace is created in a medley of intriguing styles because of construction and reconstruction over the years, making it a very unique and special symbol of the capital. Since it’s one of the most favored tourist attractions in Hungary, it’s best to visit in the early morning to beat the crowds.

Deemed the second largest city in Hungary, after the River Tisza flooded circa 1879, the city of Szeged was re-planned and rebuilt very thoughtfully. Dominated by three distinct universities, the city’s atmosphere is energetic and exciting. Visiting Szeged is one of the best things to do in Hungary aside from Budapest with charming stores and shops ideal for shopping trips, bright, animated cafes by the river, and a great collection of entertainment venues to choose from.

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