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Traveling in Hungary offers diversity in transportation furnishing the basis for versatile and customized European holidays. The options for travel in Hungary include car, train, rail, bus, taxi, and walking, which is one of the best ways to see the beautiful city of Budapest and many other towns and villages throughout the country. Tourists traveling throughout neighboring countries in Europe often head in by Hungary train or by car, another popular way to drive through some of the smaller, nearby countries. For each trip you take and attraction you visit, you’ll find a convenient and affordable means of getting there.

If you choose the Hungary train to travel within or outside of the country one of the biggest advantages is the magnificent scenery you’ll encounter. Traveling from Budapest to any of the neighboring countries by train is simple. The options for connecting to other major cities and towns seem unlimited. Budapest sees more than fifty international trains depart and arrive each day. If you’re looking to use the train as your primary Hungary transportation, you can also easily connect to Szeged, Szombathely, Pécs, and Debrecen. If you’re a history buff hoping to explore more of the Austro-Hungarian Empire’s past, Vienna can be reached by Hungary train in as little as three hours, making it an ideal day trip to take from the capital. The eastern train station of Keleti is the last stop for international trains coming in from Warsaw, Prague, and Munich.

Tourists that travel in Hungary and are planning to travel to neighboring countries may want to consider a Eurail Pass. These passes provide great flexibility when traveling throughout Europe. You can use the Eurail Pass for the Hungarian rail when traveling to many different cities. You’ll also receive added bonuses with the Eurail Pass in Hungary. These include half-price discounts on nostalgic train rides and a half-price entrance fee to the Hungarian Heritage Railway Park. With twenty-five European countries currently part of the Eurail Pass system, reaching other destinations like Belgium, Austria, and the Czech Republic is a breeze. For a small fee you can also travel in Hungary on special trains with the Eurail Pass. These include the Hungarian rail night train, scenic trains, and high-speed trains.

A car rental in Hungary is another great way to travel, allowing you to take as much time as you like without adhering to timetables or bus schedules. Getting around by car can seem like a nightmare until you learn there is actually a method to the madness of driving in Hungary. In Budapest, you must use all of your senses and tap into as much patience as humanly possible because traffic can be a real pain. Parking is very difficult to procure and left-hand turns are not often permitted throughout most major intersections. Don’t give up! The slight headaches you may encounter while driving in Budapest are well worth the trouble for the freedom you’ll get in seeing remote Baroque villages and small, quiet towns, stopping for dining, and shopping whenever you like, or just halting for that rare photo you want to snap. Roads are generally in good condition, there is no shortage of gas stations, and almost everything in the country is within four hours of Budapest. Most roads are in decent, if not great, condition and with most destinations within four hours of the capital, you can see much more of the country than you may have first anticipated by using your own Hungary transportation.

If you’re planning on exploring Budapest, the best way to travel is by Hungarian metro. The country’s system, which includes trams, subways, trolleys, and buses is superior to the many other systems unless you need to travel somewhere remote. The bonus of traveling by bus is that main bus lines run all night while the sub-lines operate from 4:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. Hotels, kiosks, subway stations, and plenty more places sell tickets for the Hungarian metro and bus but, unfortunately, you must by another ticket if you want to transfer. If you plan on using Hungarian metro for many of the things to do and see in the city, it can be advantageous to buy a three day, one week, or one month pass. Most visitors pair Hungarian rail with two or more methods of transport together while traveling, for ease, convenience, and the affordable price of the mixture. If you have the courage to drive on chaotic roadways, your own vehicle will afford a wonderful approach to visiting Hungary and all its points of interest.

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