Veszprem Hungary

Picturesque Veszprem Hungary is located only ten miles from the resorts and beaches of Lake Balaton and only 70 miles from Budapest, the country’s capital. Hungarians and foreign visitors alike travel to Veszprem because of this great location. It boasts the first public library and one of the first universities in the country. In part because of the university, there are many theater and cultural events as well as festivals through the year. This contributes to the city’s cosmopolitan flavor, similar to the atmosphere of Szeged where Hungary’s oldest university is located.

Additionally, the city is set in the Bakony Hills within the Balaton Uplands, one of the most unspoiled and beautiful national parks in the country, and a great reason for taking Veszprem trips even without the other attractions. Forested mountains, rocky outcrops, rolling meadows covered in wildflowers, caves with underground lakes, and even a buffalo reserve make this one of the country’s premier sites for caving, hiking, and trekking. For active things to do in Veszprem you might consider one of the vacation packages that include cycling combined with visiting vineyards where Hungary wine is produced. These tours often include Veszprem Hungary overnight stays. All of this is making travel to Veszprem more and more popular.

The history of Veszprem is defined by Castle Hill, one of the seven hills on which the city is built. Here stood an imposing medieval castle. Probably a ninth century Frankish castle, it helped to defend the city from invading Turks. It was destroyed during the Habsburgs’ rule, and its encircling walls and ramparts are most of what is left of the structure. Most of the city’s main attractions and things to do in Veszprem are located here on Castle Hill and around the Castle District. There are also several very nice Veszprem hotels and good shopping in this neighborhood. Veszprem vacations will always include time exploring the Castle District.

Veszprem Hungary played an important religious role in the country’s history and still is a center of Catholicism. The lovely Gothic and Romanesque St. Michael’s Cathedral is set in the original castle and is the oldest cathedral in the country. The city became known as “The City of Queens” because St. Michael’s is where the Bishop crowned the queens of Hungary, while kings were crowned at Matthias Church in Budapest. This practice began with the crowning of Queen Giselle, consort of Hungary’s first king. The eighteenth-century Bishop’s Palace was constructed on the foundations of the medieval Queen’s Palace, and next to that is Veszprem’s most important historic monument, the lovely Giselle Chapel built in 1230.

The Castle District provides other things to do in Veszprem even if it’s just stroll the narrow cobbled streets lined with lovely Baroque houses. The two-story Dubniczay House built in 1751 is one of the most beautiful houses in the Castle District. The Dezsõ Lackó Museum reveals the history of the city and surrounding area. Explore magnificent Trinity Square and climb to the tower top of the Baroque Firewatch Tower for panoramic views.

Around town, see the splendid Nagypréposti (Great Provost’s) Palace and Basilica. Or spend time in the landscaped Botanical Gardens and Zoo. Many of the best dining and shopping venues are in the area around the Castle District and around the university, with more informal cheaper restaurants and shops in the latter. There are some very nice gourmet restaurants, both in town and in the hotel resorts in the countryside. Many of the Veszprem city hotels have excellent restaurants.

You can travel to Veszprem via a number of methods. If you have car transportation it means that you can conveniently get to attractions in the countryside. There are good roads from Budapest or Lake Balaton and even from Austria. There is also regular rail service.

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