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Luring thousands of tourists in year after year, Hungary is laden with sumptuous thermal spas to wile away afternoons, charming Baroque villages, rustic old towns, lively music, and dynamic arts. Vivid countrysides and tree-lined lakes, exciting sports and cultural events, thriving cities full of fascinating markets, museums and galleries, and so much more draw travelers to this captivating country full of passion and beauty. Hungary tourism attracts many kinds of people because of the large variety of things to do. From outdoor adventure to laid-back resort vacations to big city living, there are no boundaries during Hungary travel.

Touring the countryside in the fall is spectacular with vibrant foliage creating a beautiful backdrop. Kecskemét is a fantastic city to visit offering a national park-like setting where the fall colors are astoundingly beautiful. The wide variety of animals and plants attract nature lovers who looking for the best places for hiking in the country. Strolling around Szeged, one of Hungary’s largest cities, as well as Pecs in the south, are ideal in the fall months. Both are home to many excellent attractions in Hungary. Tourists enjoy shorter wait times for dining, lower prices outside of the high tourist season, and a better choice in Pecs and Szeged hotels without having to book ahead.

Visiting Hungary in the winter is only for the hearty or for outdoor winter sport enthusiasts. It’s best to stick to the larger cities like Budapest and visit the indoor sights rather than brave the cold if you don’t like it. There are many attractions in Hungary throughout the capital that will keep you entertained, and warm, for as long as you like. If you are planning Hungary travel during the winter months, renting a chalet can be a great way to spend your holidays. Hungary has very snowy winters, which make it a popular ski and snowboard destination in Europe. If you’re the outdoor type who enjoys the beauty of winter there are many things to do in Hungary during the cold season. Horseback riding, hiking, and fishing are ideal in the near the lakes and around the mountainous areas. When January and February arrive, so have the coldest months with temperatures dipping down to 28 degrees Fahrenheit or lower.

Self catering apartments are also widely available and offer a perfect family setting from which to relish in all the surrounding attractions without the noise and crowds of the city. They are essentially apartments that include everything you’ll need for a successful holiday, from furnishings to linens, laundry facilities to dishware, and much more. These rental units can be found throughout most cities and larger towns. This type of accommodation affords plenty of privacy and freedom, often at an extremely reasonable rate.

This western European country celebrates spring with fervor during the Budapest Spring Festival, one of the most exciting annual events in Hungary. Two full weeks of spectacular cultural events, international and local performances, exciting exhibitions, and myriad conferences take first place this time of year. If you want a undeniably authentic cultural experience during Hungary travel, this is the event to attend. It’s also the busiest time of year in Budapest so be sure to book accommodation and tours far ahead. Spring is a wonderful time of year for a Hungarian vacation. Temperatures are mild and the weather is free of the wetness May and June bring. Touring the many exciting attractions in Hungary during the warm spring months is excellent as spring is considered the best time to go.

Budapest can be a wonderful summer destination throughout the month of August when the city is fairly devoid of crowds and Hungary tourism is low. This is an ideal time to visit the normally overflowing attractions such as the thermal spas, the Parliament, and Heroes Square. Extremely affordable vacation packages are also more easily found in the month of August. From Budapest, a great nearby city to visit is Szentendre. Found north of the capital, Szentendre is well known for its museums offering plenty of Hungarian history, art, and more to explore. The main square, made of charming cobblestone walkways with eighteenth-century baroque architecture, is the main attraction here.

If you love sublime summer weather and don’t mind crowds, be sure to visit famous Lake Balaton and the surrounding region. Hot and humid weather dominates the significantly long summer months with July and August usually affording the clearest skies and most beautiful sunsets. The resorts in and around the lake are ripe with tourists this time of year making advanced bookings necessary. In the surrounding area there are many wonderful outdoor attractions in Hungary to explore. Tapolca, famous for its magnificent caves and clear streams, is an ideal place for walking tours. There are myriad wellness resorts and spas offering visitors the relaxing benefits of Hungary’s traditional thermal spas and baths. No matter which season you choose for Hungary tourism, there is always something that will enchant and delight and keep you going back for more.

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