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Seeing as Ireland is an island, there are two main ways to get there: by boat and by plane. Many European cruise companies include Ireland on their routes, and tourists can also book ferries between England and Ireland or Scotland and Ireland. In addition, there are many Ireland cruises, which stop in many major Irish cities and offer visitors a fun, relaxing way to see the emerald country. Some private companies offer transportation on sailboats and yachts, but these options are usually much more expensive and also take more time.

By and large, flying is the preferred method of transportation into and out of Ireland. Many times, flights to Ireland are a great deal cheaper and faster than any ferry or cruise ship. Flights to Ireland leave several times a day from major European cities, such as London, Paris, Madrid, and Copenhagen. The majority of travelers find that cheap flights to Ireland are usually routed into Dublin, which hosts the country’s largest airport, Dublin International. There are also two popular airports in Belfast, as well as many smaller ones throughout the country.

Once you land in Ireland, it may be time to kick up your feet and rest for a moment. Luckily there are a number of hotels nearby the airports in both Belfast and Dublin. The Fitzwilliam is located immediately opposite the terminal at Belfast international airport, and the Park Avenue Hotel is only a moment’s drive from the Belfast city airport. There are two high-end hotels near the Dublin Airport—the Holiday Inn Dublin Airport and the Great Southern Hotel. The Great Southern Hotel is actually located within the airport complex and is part of one of Ireland’s most respected hotel chains.

With the advent of the budget airline, travelers are finding that it is now even easier to find a cheap flight to Ireland. Some Europe-based airlines, such as Easy Jet, Ryan Air, and Virgin Express, offer inexpensive seats. However, these cheap flights to Ireland do have setbacks. Most budget airlines are strictly no frills, with no food service, rather poor customer service, and small, crowded planes. Some airlines offer flight menu items that can be purchased onboard

Most major European airline flights to Ireland include amenities, such as in-flight food service, often larger seats, and better customer service. Popular airline flights to Ireland include service on British Airways, Air France, Alitalia, and the Ireland-based airline Aer Lingus. A cheap flight to Ireland can also be found on US-based airlines, such as Delta, United Airlines, Northwest Airlines, and others. Internet airline search engines can help travelers search for cheap flights to Ireland on both major and budget airlines.

You can also avoid the hassle of internet searches and airline phone tag by booking your flights through a travel agency. While you will have to pay an additional fee, many travel agencies are knowledgeable about the best and most popular airline flights to Ireland. They can help you book a cheap flight to Ireland, whenever you may be traveling.

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