Ireland Car Rental

An Ireland car rental can widen the spectrum of possibilities for your trip. While it is possible to use public transportation to travel throughout the island, this is really only practical between major locations, as the train network isn’t too extensive, and buses can be slow. Plus, one of the largest benefits of Ireland car hire is seeing everything between two destinations, and being able to stop and take a look at your leisure. If you’re planning an independent vacation to the Emerald Isle, a cheap car hire in Ireland is essential for maximizing your time.

First things first: Rental cars in Ireland will all be right-hand drive. Americans might find this challenging, with both the steering wheel on the opposite side and driving on the left side of the road. Often, driving in the cities and towns won’t pose a problem, but roundabouts can be tricky if you’re not used to them. Another feature of an Ireland car rental is that most of them will be a manual transmission. If you’ve never shifted gears before, a trip to Ireland is not the time to learn. Automatic cars will be available, but at a higher price. Expect to be able to find automatic cars if you are renting in Dublin, but definitely make a reservation if you plan on renting outside of the capital city.

Flying into Dublin, it is possible to arrange Ireland car hire at the airport. For the best rates, make arrangements online before your trip. If you plan on spending a few days in Dublin before your road trip begins, you can also rent a car from a few agencies within the city, but expect this to be slightly more expensive than prices at the airport. Again, booking online in advance will help you find the best deals for rental cars in Ireland. Next you need either a good map or a GPS. If you are very unfamiliar with Ireland, a GPS might be a good investment as many of the signs on Irish motorways give clues through upcoming destinations, not necessarily by direction (for example, Belfast this way, Waterford this way, instead of indicating north and south). If you like an adventure, pack along a good map and get ready to use your map-reading skills!

When deciding on an Ireland car rental, you can use big name brands that you are accustomed to seeing (such as Hertz or Avis) or you can use Irish companies. There are some Irish web sites that help you to find the best deal if you’re traveling on a budget. You should be able to find affordable Ireland car hire in cities such as Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway, or Killarney. Look for a car rental company that offers unlimited miles and remember to ask about their gas policy (whether or not the tank needs to be returned full).

Rental cars in Ireland give you the freedom to explore at your leisure. All of a sudden a variety of attractions become attainable to see during one trip. With a rental car, you don’t have to join a tour group to see the Cliffs of Moher, you can get up early one morning in Galway and experience the cliffs as they should be seen, without too many other people around. Drive through the Burren, wind along the craggy coast of County Mayo, reach the furthest northern tips of County Donegal, or discover the beauty of County Clare all from the driver’s seat.

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