Cork Ireland

Cork County exhibits the magnificent diversity of Ireland with its mixture of vivacious city life, remote country towns, quiet coastal villages, rolling green hills, jagged mountain peaks, and shimmering rivers and coastlines. In addition, Cork Ireland offers some of the most delectable food in the country, thanks to its abundance of local farms, fields, lakes, and coastlines and its growing number of superb chefs. Aided by the vivid landscapes, gripping history, and warm community of Cork tourism in this region has grown exponentially over the past few decades, particularly for travelers looking for things to do in Ireland outside of the Dublin area.

While past travelers had to use rail and boat transportation to reach this region, the advent of the automobile has made the trek incredibly easy. With growing numbers of tourists opting for the additional freedom of car rental Cork Ireland has quickly become a must-see destination. Travelers can make reservations through independent car rental companies or seek the help of Cork Ireland tourism businesses that are located in many cities. With the growing popularity of Cork Ireland tourism groups worldwide have begun adding the capital city and surrounding county to their suggested travel itineraries. In addition, for tourists who choose car rental Cork Ireland becomes a wonderful stop-over between larger destinations, such as cities and sights in nearby Waterford and Kerry counties.

The city of Cork rests on the banks of the River Lee, buzzing with energy and activity. Often compared with Dublin (though much smaller), Cork boasts countless pubs, restaurants, art galleries, museums, parks, and historical sites. One famous spot is the Beamish & Crawford Brewery, located on South Main Street. Entertaining guided tours are available, complete with a beer tasting at the tour’s end. Several craft and artisan centers are located throughout the city, and Cork tourism groups can provide interested patrons with the centers’ respective hours and locations. While the central parts of the city are easily navigated by foot, visitors may want to rent a car for trips to surrounding areas, such as Blarney Castle, Fota Wildlife Park, Jameson Heritage Centre, and Gougane Barra Forest Park. Busses, trains, and sea travel options are available, but with car rental Cork Ireland visitors have more independence and control over their travel plans. In addition, many of the best landscapes, adventures, and sights are hidden between destination points and require a lively excursion off the beaten road.

Through learning about the intricacies and events in Cork history Ireland travelers can get a small taste of this country’s diverse and dramatic past. The city of Cork began in the 6th century, when St. Finnbarr founded a monastery on the banks of the River Lee. With time, the settlement evolved into the main city of the Kingdom of South Munster, managing to defend itself against numerous Norse raids. In 1185, for the first time in Cork history Ireland (and Cork) fell under control of the English Crown. For centuries, control of Cork regularly changed hands between Irish and English forces. The city suffered blows from William of Orange’s armies, harsh famines, and the battles of the Irish Civil War. Because of the varied, turbulent, but undeniably Irish Cork history Ireland historians and writers often use the city and surrounding county as a symbol of true Irish spirit and courage. Many Cork Tourism groups will gladly lead you on a tour of the capital city, pausing at significant sites such as St. Finbarr’s Cathedral, the Holy Trinity Church, and the Crawford Municipal Art Gallery.

Drawn by the charming beauty, impressive history, and amazing vivacity of Cork Ireland tourism groups are quickly discovering the breathtaking majesty of southern Ireland. Explore by foot, rent a bike or horse, or journey by car—whatever the mode of transportation, the beauty of Cork is waiting for you to discover it.

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