Dining in Ireland

Back in the day, Irish food was notorious for its heavy use of potatoes. However, over the years, dining in Ireland has become noticeably more varied and it is definitely delicious! Many Irish restaurants use everything from vegetables and meats to dairy products and fresh fish.

The traditional Irish breakfast is called the “Irish Fry,” and it usually consists of juice, tea, or coffee with cereal, eggs, bacon, sausage, a grilled tomato, mushrooms, and black pudding. Black pudding is made with pigs’ blood, so diners with a sensitive stomach might steer clear. Some travelers eat a “Fry” and are good to go until dinnertime. If you are staying in a bed and breakfast in Ireland, remember that most families don’t serve breakfast until at least 8 a.m.

Many travelers find that it is cheaper and more fun to pick up picnic supplies at the local grocery store or food market. Many Irish cities have splendid open-air markets where you can pick up farmhouse cheese, delectable meats, fresh produce, and a scrumptious dessert. You can bring up fresh Irish soda bread at the local bakery or grocery store. With your food in hand, head to a local park like the one outside St. Patrick’s Cathedral or the peaceful Garden of Remembrance. There is nothing quite like munching on a fresh Cashel blue cheese, smoked ham, and Irish soda bread sandwich in the sunny, emerald green of an Irish park.

In Ireland dining does not have the same reputation as countries like Italy or France. However, Dublin is an up-and-coming cosmopolitan city, brimming with delectable eaters and fabulous Irish restaurants. Tourists can also find fabulous European food, such as Italian, French, and German foods. However, a trip to Ireland would not be complete if you ate only Italian food. Be sure to sample at least a few examples of traditional Ireland dining and food. Many cities boast great Irish restaurants. In coastal areas, be sure to sample a local seafood dish. The fresh seafood dining in Ireland can be extremely delicious, especially dishes with mackerel, mussels, and Atlantic salmon.

Besides an endless variety of formal dining in Ireland, tourists will be happy to hear that Ireland bars often have tasty, inexpensive pub grub. Pubs are a huge part of the Irish social scene, so be sure to pop into at least one during your Ireland visit. “Pub” is short for “public house” and indicates the role of the pub as a sort of community center and place of gathering. Imagine it as a more spirited town hall meeting. On the whole, pub grub is the best value of Ireland dining options and sort of like an informal Irish restaurant. Most pubs serve up several traditional Irish food items, including Irish stew, chowders, fish and chips, and coddle. One of the more delicious traditional Irish foods is botxy, which is a potato pancake filling with fish, meat or vegetables. Another favorite traditional Irish food is collar and cabbage, which is boiled bacon coated in bread crumbs and brown sugar, then baked and served with cabbage.


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