Dublin Airport Shuttle

The closest options to a Dublin Airport shuttle are two coach services that offer transportation from the city center to the airport. Dublin Airport is located north of the city center, and as of 2010, no rail service yet connects the airport and the city. This limits Dublin Airport transportation to taxis (which are very quick but can be expensive), the city bus (which is affordable, but slower and can be crowded), and the two coach companies called Airlink and Aircoach.

Aircoach is the most popular shuttle to Dublin International Airport, and it has many convenient stops throughout the city. Stops are located near hotels and on main routes throughout the city. (The are also numerous airport hotels that are close to the terminal.) The coaches are known for being plush and comfortable, and there’s plenty of room for luggage beneath the bus. Upon arriving at Dublin Airport, it is possible to take the Aircoach into the city. Drivers are well-informed on helping visitors reach their final destination, so go ahead and ask where the best place to get off would be. Round trip tickets are more affordable than one way, so if you plan on returning, go for the round trip.

The other option for a Dublin airport shuttle is the Airlink. Airlink is a form of Dublin Airport Transportation that is operated by the city bus. It is slightly cheaper each way than the Aircoach (round trip tickets are also more affordable than one-way), but luggage service is limited and there aren’t as many stops throughout the city as there are for the Aircoach. If you’re staying near the Central Bus Station or Heuston Station, the Airlink will be a good choice for a shuttle to Dublin International Airport.

Another affordable option is to share a taxi. Taxis in Dublin charge 1 euro extra for each additional passenger. If four people share a taxi to the Dublin Airport from city center, it will cost each passenger between 5 and 7 euros for the journey, which is approximately the same, or even less than the Aircoach, depending on the length of your trip. Remember that Dubliners don’t generally tip taxis—just round up the nearest euro and let the driver keep the change.

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