Dublin Boat Tours

Dublin boat tours offer a unique perspective on the city. Although they’re not always as comprehensive as boat tours in other European cities, Dublin river tours are enjoyable on a sunny day. Ultimately however, the 45-minute tour can be underwhelming. Views from the River Liffey aren’t spectacular, and not many important attractions are seen. It is fun sailing under the Ha’penny Bridge and O’Connell Street Bridge, but compared to boat tours in cities like Paris or Budapest, a boat tour in Dublin just can’t compare. Bus tours, walking tours, and renting a bicycle are all better ways to explore historic Dublin. This tour is available from March through November, but beware of low tides. When the tide of the river is especially low, views from the flat boat are more focused rubbish in the river than any attractions.

There is one option for Dublin boat tours that is particularly attractive, however. The Viking Splash tour is a combined on-land, on-water tour that begins at St Stephen’s Green. Throw on your Viking helmet and be prepared for an adventure through Dublin. Comedic guides provide information about the city as you cruise through many historic and famous neighborhoods without changing vehicles—the truck/boat cruises into the water at Grand Canal Dock. Many visitors wouldn’t see this area of the city if it wasn’t for a boat tour in Dublin, and with swans and other birds swimming around, it is actually quite nice. The tour than leaves the water and continues on through Dublin. If you’re looking for real entertainment, skip Dublin river tours in favor of the Viking Splash. The kids will love it!

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