Temple Bar Dublin

Temple Bar Dublin is a historical district that is also home to some serious nightlife. Strolling along cobbled Fleet Street Dublin by day and by night are two completely different experiences. On Saturday and Sunday Temple Bar is filled with secondhand book stalls, street musicians, and an organic food market, but when the sun goes down, the nightlife in Dublin takes over, and some of the rowdiest pubs in town start to liven up. With a good density of Dublin bars, many tourists choose to spend their nights in Temple Bar. However, there are many more pubs in the city where you will be more likely to be drinking a pint next to a Dubliner instead of fellow tourists.

The Temple Bar pub, The Auld Dubliner, and Oliver St John Gogarty’s are all popular Temple Bar haunts. Walking by it will be hard not to be tempted inside by the throngs of people and upbeat music. Some nights you may find musicians performing while other nights Top 40 hits and old classics will have everyone in the pub singing along. Nightlife in Dublin is centered on pubs, and there are significantly more places to enjoy a pint of Guinness than to go dancing. That being said, clubs can also be found later in the evening if you have your heart set on hitting the dance floor.

Temple Bar Dublin is also a very cultural neighborhood of the city. During the day, take a stroll through the historic streets and take a look into the National Photographic Archive. If you’re in the mood for a relaxed night or afternoon movie, head for the IFI (Irish Film Institute). They also have a comfortable café for a light snack or drink. There are many bookstores, record stores, art galleries and cafés throughout Temple Bar Dublin that are worth exploring. The vibe is definitely young and edgy, but it’s still safe and welcoming for families as well.

An alternative form of nightlife in Dublin also takes place in Temple Bar. Theater is very popular in the city, and beyond the main theaters of the Gate, Abbey, and Peacock there are the smaller, more experimental theaters of Temple Bar. It is often possible to secure tickets for as little as 10 euros, so if you’re interested in attending a show, head to the box office during the day to check out availability. Tasty treats in Temple Bar include the café and bakery Queen of Tarts, and a few options along Fleet Street Dublin, including a great spot for Brunch, Elephant and Castle.

For some visitors, a favorite part of visiting Temple Bar is the weekend market. While this is a great option for locals to pick up their produce for the week, the market also has the hungry tourist in mind. The food market in Meeting House Square has sweet and savory crepes, hearty lamb sandwiches, burritos, and pastries with fresh coffee on offer. There are so many sights, smells, and sounds in this market that food-lovers won’t know where to begin. Even oysters are on offer in one corner of the market. After walking down Fleet Street Dublin to reach the market, do yourself a favor and survey all of the offerings before committing. There will be plenty of options for a picnic, and St Stephen’s Green is only a ten-minute stroll away.

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