Dublin Vacation Rentals

Dublin vacation rentals provide an affordable approach to an expensive city. For many travelers, accommodation is the single most expensive element of visiting the Irish capital. While bed and breakfasts, small hotels, and hostels offer an affordable alternative, a short term vacation rental in Dublin has great value, especially as you can save even more money by taking advantage of cooking facilities to prepare some of your own meals. With a Dublin apartment rental, you will likely explore a neighborhood of the city that you would never otherwise have seen, which is not always the case with more traditional tourist accommodations.

Condos in Dublin can be broken down into two categories: corporate and budget. There are many Dublin vacation rentals, especially in the neighborhoods of Ballsbridge and Donnybrook, that are intended for corporate clients. These apartments are furnished to the highest standard and offer spacious kitchens and living areas. Compared with most hotels, this type of short term vacation rental in Dublin will be more affordable, but they still aren’t cheap. If you’re sharing with another traveler, however, this may help to balance out the overall cost.

A budget Dublin apartment rental is the other category. These choices are often more modest and cozy than fancy and contemporary, but they are very suitable for a vacation. When researching apartments, make sure rentals include transportation information, such as whether or not the apartment is near by a bus or tram station. One bonus of self-catering apartments is the opportunity to stay in a residential neighborhood, but at the same time, you want to be able to reach the main attractions, museums, and shopping of the city center easily.

One negative about Dublin vacation rentals is that some travelers can feel isolated, as there isn’t always a staff member around to greet you or answer your questions, which is a common perk of staying at a hotel, B&B, or hostel. If you’re an independent traveler, than a short term vacation rental in Dublin might be a perfect fit. If, on the other hand, you would prefer to have someone around to make recommendations and provide inside tips on exploring the city, you might want to opt for a bed and breakfast, lodge, or small hotel. There’s extra value in these independently-owned options because often a hearty breakfast is included.

Sometimes a Dublin apartment rental is offered as part of a larger package. This might bring several travelers together in one apartment block, for example. The transportation system of Dublin is very efficient, and most buses, trams, and trains have stops in the city center. Wherever you’re staying in the city, it will be possible to take public transport into the city center and explore the museums, breweries, pubs, and parks that have made Dublin such a desirable location. With all the money you’ll save on an apartment rental, there are plenty of ways in Dublin to spend any extra cash you might have. From gourmet restaurants to theater tickets to sports matches, allow yourself to indulge just a little in the luxurious side of Dublin.

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