Galway Hostels

The hostel industry has grown by leaps and bounds. European travelers are finding it easier than ever to find a safe, affordable hostel. Galway City hostels allow students to meet new friends, stay in a safe, inexpensive environment, and, most importantly, stay right in the center of the city—right in the thick of lively Galway pubs, music events, and activities. For the budget traveler of any age, Galway hostels offer cheap, clean lodging. Remember to check that you meet the age requirements at your desired Galway hostel—some hostels will not accommodate patrons over a certain age.

Most travelers opt for lodging located within the city limits, although some people decide to stay in nearby Salthill, which is about a 20-minue walk from the center of the city. Galway City hostels are generally open year-round. However, the city’s peak tourism months are July and August, and reservations can be hard to come by during this time. If you plan to stay in Galway during these busy summer months, be sure to secure a reservation at a Galway hostel or hotel before your departure.

Galway City hostels include Barnacle’s Quay Street House, Salmon Weir Hostel, Woodquay Hostel, and the Kinlay House. Barnacle’s Quay Street House is a restored 16th-century town house located within a bustling part of Galway City. Within easy walking distance from the hostel Galway Ireland visitors will find countless pubs, restaurants, stores, boutiques, and cafés. Most Galway hostels have offer self-catering kitchens and internet, but you should call ahead to confirm the availability of these services.

In addition to the Galway hostel scene, travelers can also book rooms at inexpensive guest houses and B&B’s. Adare Guest House, on Father Griffin Place, is a small family-run business located nearby the city center. They provide coveted parking spaces, as well as a delicious home-cooked breakfast, and the rooms are reasonably priced. Norman Villa, located outside of the city center, is another option for budget travelers. Owned by Dee and Mark Keogh, the villa is a Victorian town house complete with brass beds, wooden shutters, funky paintings, and fascinating mementos.

In addition to a pleasant stay at a city hostel Galway Ireland also offers a handful of caravan and campgrounds. The Ballyloughane Caravan & Camping Park is located off the Dublin road, approximately 5 km from the city of Galway. Thanks to its beachside location, the park has splendid views of Galway, the bay, and nearby Salthill. For travelers eager to see more of the countryside surrounding Galway, the Spiddal Caravan & Camping Park provides a hushed, natural setting. This riverside park is complete with toilet facilities, laundry, and free showers. Both parks offer tourists the choice of a natural setting removed from the hustle and bustle of the city, and at a smaller price than many Galway hostels.

But the world of hostels and camping isn’t every traveler’s cup of tea. In addition to the option of an entertaining, friendly hostel Galway Ireland offers a wide selection of bed and breakfasts, guest houses, and hotels, ranging in price from budget to expensive.

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