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Ireland hostels are the most affordable accommodation option on the island. Unless you plan on renting a self-catering apartment or house in the country and squeezing in a lot of people, paying for a bed at one of Ireland’s many hostels is the easiest way to stick to your accommodations budget. Whether you are looking for a hostel in Dublin or a Cork hostel, you will be able to find an affordable option. If you’d rather spend your money on all the great restaurants, attractions, and pubs these towns offer, stick with the Ireland youth hostel to save cash.

Travelers should be aware that Ireland hostels come in many shapes and sizes. The best thing to do when researching hostels is to read other traveler’s comments. Some hostels that offer only large dorm rooms are perfectly safe and comfortable, while others some travelers might choose to avoid. By doing your research you might be pleasantly surprised to discover that some hostels offer private rooms and even private bathrooms. While these options cost more than a bed in a dorm room, they almost always are more affordable than cheap hotels. Don’t assume that if you choose a hostel you will automatically be stuck in a room with fifteen backpackers!

If you’re looking for a hostel in Dublin, the best thing to do is plan ahead. Unlike other European cities, Dublin has hostels in excellent city center locations, which are located very close to some of the city’s best bars and restaurants. Avalon House is located on one of the prettiest main streets in Dublin, and their coffee is known throughout town for its quality. Other popular choices for a hostel in Dublin include Isaacs Hostel, Jacobs Inn Hostel, Kinlay House, and Abigails Hostel. Be sure to look on a map to see how close a hostel is to the city centre before booking. Dublin transportation at night isn’t great—and you’ll likely want to avoid an expensive taxi journey home.

One specific type of Ireland hostels is the Ireland Youth Hostel. Part of the Youth Hostel Association, this type of hostel is known for its cleanliness and quality. With 26 properties throughout Ireland, you can rest assured of a certain quality level when you book an Ireland youth hostel. Options include the Dublin International Hostel, located ten minutes from Temple Bar, and the Killarney Youth Hostel, often voted the best hostel in the country. Whether you are traveling in Cork, Galway, Kerry, or Wicklow, you will be able to find an Ireland youth hostel. Consult their website for a full listing of choices to help you plan your exploration of the island.

Just like many other European countries, hostels are available in almost every city in Ireland. If you’re looking for a Limerick hostel, check out Broad Street Hostel. For Cork, try Sheila’s Hostel or Kinlay House Cork. In Galway, try Sleepzone or Barnacles Quay Street House. Staying in hostels is not only a way to save money, but you are guaranteed to meet fellow travelers. Whether you’re traveling solo or in a small group, hostels are places were instant friendships are made. Spend a night swapping travel stories over a few pints of Guinness and you might come away with some valuable travel tips.

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