Ireland Biking

As any cyclist will happily tell you, Ireland biking is superb. With the country’s flat roads, excellent bike stores, and relatively short routes between villages, cycling in Ireland is a wonderful experience. In addition, many ferry companies will transport bicycles for free, and most bus and train companies will welcome your bike aboard for a small free. Airlines will usually accommodate bikes as luggage, provided they are dismantled and boxed.

Keep in mind that Ireland is notorious for its rain, so raingear, waterproof baggage, and even road goggles are highly recommended. Some parts of Ireland are also rather rugged, so take care if you are unfamiliar with the region. It is good practice to ask for advice and information about your desired Ireland biking tour at one of many bike shops or gas stations. Attendants are often knowledgeable and many times they can offer great suggestions for cycling Ireland. Also, make sure to get a reliable map of the region you plan around which you plan to bike. Discovery Series in Dublin sells detailed bike maps of almost every part of Ireland, and the Irish Cycling Safaris Company in Belfast will happily lead you on a tour of Northern Ireland.

The differing terrain and regions of Ireland mean that bicyclists can tailor their own route, be it coastal and smooth or mountainous and rugged. For mountain biking Ireland travelers often head to the Ring of Kerry, where many small villages are only a relatively short distance from one another. In addition to mountain biking Ireland bikers can head to the southeast for lovely level Ireland biking. For those wanting coastal and mountain biking Ireland coasts offer a great combination of long stretches of beachfront and plenty of cliff-top rides. One possible Ireland biking tour winds through the Hook Peninsula, a region full of quiet little villages and peaceful, beautiful roads and pathways.

For more strenuous Ireland biking tours, head to Glengarriff, Killarney, and Dingle. The long, beautiful hills require quite a bit of muscle and aren’t recommended for beginning riders. However, the seascape views from atop the southwest hills are heavenly. Cycling in Ireland with children can be difficult, but not impossible. Be sure to have all necessary gears, as well as food and a small first-aid kit. Many families find that the quiet side roads of the Ring of Kerry are excellent for younger riders. But regardless of age, tourists have almost all positive things to say about cycling Ireland.

While some professionals bring their own bikes for cycling in Ireland, most tourists find it is easier and cheap to rent a bike. As biking is among the most popular things to do in Ireland, rental frees are reasonable, and you can even pay a small additional fee to rent from one location and return at another. The summer months are peak tourist season in Ireland, so book your bikes early as cycling Ireland is a popular activity.

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