Ireland Car Rentals

There is certainly a romantic element to train travel in Ireland and air travel is definitely the fastest option if you’re traveling between major cities. However, more and more tourists are opting for a cheap car rental in Ireland, especially if your plans include trips to remote, provincial regions of Ireland. For your trip to Ireland car rental allows you more freedom, personal space, and spontaneity than other travel options. You also won’t have to sit in a cramped bus seat or worry about the safety of your valuables while sleeping on a train.

To find cheap car rental in Ireland, the best option is to talk to your local travel company. You can also book cars online from your home computer, and some tourists prefer to book in person, so they can judge the legitimacy of a business or to allow for greater trip flexibility. It is generally much more expensive to book an Ireland rental car in person, so try to book your rental before leaving your home country. In Ireland rental cars are generally reliable, well-maintained, and reasonably priced.

Ireland car rental companies must know if you are planning to travel to Northern Ireland. Make sure your car insurance still applies when you cross the border. There have been many unhappy tourists who got in a Belfast fender-bender and wound up paying for all the damages. Often times Ireland car rental companies do not provide insurance for damaged or stolen cars. Be sure to check your own personal insurance policy terms to see if you are covered for international car issues. While you may have to suffer the headaches and paperwork of car rental Ireland is wonderful to see by car, especially the Ring of Kerry and the smaller towns like Dingle and Galway.

For good discount car rental Ireland travelers often book through a travel agency. Agents will shop around for a good rate before booking, saving you time and money. Cheap car rental in Ireland can also be found at local Ireland car rental companies, but remember that their service and maintenance may not be as good as major rental car companies. For tourists willing to shop around for discount car rental Ireland wholesale companies are a good way to go. These companies often offer better rates than traditional car rental companies. For discount car rental Ireland travelers should look into Auto Europe, Destination Europe Resources, Europe by car, and Kemwel.

Besides car rental Ireland tourists should look into train travel, airlines, and tours. Sometimes the freedom of the road can be a bit stressful, considering that Ireland is known for its rugged terrain, rainy weather, and curvy roads. But there is a certain sense of excitement, courage, and fun about the open road, especially since every bend in the road will bring new sights, landscapes, and adventures.


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