Ireland Hotels

From mountains for hiking to busy streets for shopping and pubs for relaxing, Ireland is filled with opportunities for enjoyment and a great array of things to do. While planning your holiday vacation, remember that several kinds of Ireland accommodation are available. Whether you intend to adhere to a tight budget or are ready to let loose and splurge, there are hotels in Ireland—or hostels and bed and breakfasts—that will suit your needs.

Dublin is Ireland's bustling capital city. Rich with opportunities for shopping, bookstore browsing, theater going, sight seeing, dining, and drinking, Dublin is a popular spot with travelers, and there is a range of choices for lodging. The tourism and hospitality industries have blossomed in the country, and the Ireland hotels found in Dublin cater to all kinds of travelers. For a high-quality experience, there are a number of fine hotels. For example the Merrion, Great Southern Hotel, and Holiday Inn Dublin Airport are all well-reputed. Those looking for cheaper lodgings can look north of the river if they seek more inexpensive hotels in Ireland or else consider booking a room at a bed and breakfast or hostel.

Hostels are a particularly popular form of safe, clean, and cheap lodging in Ireland. A hostel can be ideal for young travelers who don't plan to spend much time in their room. It is quite common for students and younger travelers, from teens to 30-year-olds, to stay at well-known hostels rather than cheaper Ireland hotels. Private rooms are often available, and the hostel provides an easy way to meet other adventurous travelers. There are many cheap and centrally located hostels in Dublin and Galway that have good reputations. Dublin's hostels include Abbey Court Hostel, the Globetrotters Tourist Hostel, and Isaacs Hostel. Hostels in Galway include Barnacle's Quay Street House, Woodquay Hostel, and Salmon Weir Hostel. In general, looking at recent traveler reviews online is a good way to get a sense of the hostel's service and atmosphere and whether it would suit you better than the hotels in Ireland. If you are traveling in the busy summer months, it is best to secure a reservation in advance.

Staying at peaceful Ireland bed and breakfasts can be a wonderful experience. Your relaxing stay will likely feature dining home-cooked meals, friendly conversation, and charmingly quaint architecture. However, a bed and breakfast experience can really hinge on the owners, so with this form of Ireland accommodation it is a good idea to do research on potential places. If you're going to one of the many bed and breakfasts sprinkled all over the countryside it may not be necessary to book reservations far in advance since there are so many to choose from. However, if you are traveling to one of the larger cities in Ireland, such as Dublin, Galway, and Belfast, you will want to plan ahead to secure a room. In Dublin, the Marian Guest House and Ariel Guest House are two popular bread and breakfasts, but there are many more to choose from.

As Ireland continues to attract a growing number of international travelers, the diversity of the Ireland accommodation only increases. From branded hotel chains to well-known hostels and charming bed and breakfasts, there are Ireland hotels and other kinds of lodging for all types of travelers.

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