Killarney Ireland

The charming town of Killarney Ireland is situated in the southern region of County Kerry, snuggled between sparkling lakes, deep forests, and high peaks. County Kerry is famous for its mountain ranges, cliff-filled coastlines, and beguiling islands and peninsulas. Killarney, also called Cill Airne, serves as the bustling center of this gorgeous region, with easy access to Killarney National Park and to the great outdoor things to do in this part of Ireland. The town of Killarney itself is gracefully charming and the nearby Killarney National Park can’t be missed.

Killarney tourism efforts are famous, and the town itself claims to have been a tourist town for centuries. The town is certainly accommodating to visitors, and its streets abound with souvenir shops, craft galleries, and lively restaurants and pubs that offer nightly music. Some not-to-be-missed sights include St. Mary’s Cathedral, the Museum of Irish Transport, and the Franciscan friary located on grassy Fair Hill. Tours and lectures can be arranged by contacting any of the several Killarney tourism groups. Families who trek down for a Killarney vacation can choose to stay in camping grounds, hostels, B&Bs, guesthouses, and a variety of upscale hotels. Sometimes couples opt to have a Killarney vacation in place of a traditional honeymoon, deciding to stay a few weeks at one of the town’s prized B&Bs and explore the beauty of the region at a leisurely, lover’s pace.

In addition to shopping, drinking, dancing, and eating, travelers will find excellent fishing opportunities in Killarney Ireland. The trout and salmon fishing is especially good in the Flesk and Luane Rivers. Any necessary permits, equipment, and information can be found with the help of a Killarney tourism group or a local fishing business.

The Killarney National Park extends from the southwest part of the town of Killarney. There are two pedestrian entrances near the St. Mary’s Cathedral, while drivers can enter the park off the N71. The park itself contains three brilliant lakes: Lough Leane (the Lower Lake or “Lake of Learning), Muckross Lake, and the Upper Lake. Jagged misty mountains hover over the shining lakes and rolling green meadows. Ambitious hikers and climbers can attempt to climb any of the four mountain ranges—Mangerton, Torc, Shehy, and the Purple Mountains. And the best way to see Killarney National Park in all its glory? Pull on your athletic shoes, unload your bike, and either bike or hike your way through the park’s majesty. The hushed, almost reverent quality of the park seems an impetus to travelers to slow down, speak softly, and just breathe in the scents and sounds of Ireland. A trip to the park is not so much a Killarney vacation as it is an escape to a serene, heavenly oasis. It is man’s return to nature.

Other Killarney sights include the Ross Castle and Inisfallen Island. Ross Castle has an intriguing history regarding its surrender to Cromwell. According to prophecy, the castle would be captured only by the water, so Cromwell’s soldiers used floating batteries to attack the castle. The defenders, fearing the fulfillment of the prophecy, quickly surrendered. The Inisfallen Island hosts several monasteries, the first of which is said to have been founded by St. Finian the Leper in the 7th century. You can hire boats from Ross Castle to row to the island.

With its bustling city life, incredible national park, and wonderful mixture of history and beauty, Killarney Ireland is the ideal spot for adventure, romance, and discovery.

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