Letterkenny Ireland

Letterkenny Ireland is the largest town in County Donegal, in the northwest corner of the island. In recent years, the town has received attention as one of the best-kept secrets on the island. Letterkenny began as a market town in the seventeenth century and has developed into a destination with plenty to offer tourists. Many people choose to travel to Letterkenny as part of a wider tour of County Donegal. You can visit the massive cliffs at Slieve League and then return to the comfortable accommodation, restaurant choices, and pubs that a Letterkenny holiday will offer.

One of the most popular attractions in the area is the Glenveagh National Park. This national park in Donegal is the largest in the country. If you’re looking for a quiet place to go for hikes and encounter interesting wildlife, such as red deer and golden eagles, look no further than Glenveagh National Park. Located on the shore of Lough Veagh and stretching for about 46 square miles, this landscape is symbolic for the beauty of Ireland. Glenveagh National Park is also home to Glenveagh Castle, which was built in the late nineteenth century. This attraction gained notoriety from its famous visitors including Marilyn Monroe. Today, travelers can visit the grounds and castle.

If you’re interested in more Letterkenny Ireland sightseeing, there are a few more attractions to add to your itinerary. The County Museum, Lifford Old Court House, and Beltany Stone Circle all draw many visitors. Notable buildings within Letterkenny were all built around the 1850s and include the town’s tallest building, Saint Eunan’s Cathedral. If you’re more interested in residential architecture, take a stroll along Mount Southwell Terrace where many Georgian-style red brick buildings are sure to impress. If you’re looking for more entertainment, there is also an eight-screen movie theater in Letterkenny Ireland.

In recent years, many people have planned travel to Letterkenny to attend festivals. Hosting an annual traditional Irish music festival has brought recent attention to Letterkenny from both a local and international perspective. Daily street performances included song, harp, fiddle, and dance. Letterkenny is also becoming known for a developing nightlife, centered on Main Street, where clubs and pubs are located. Don’t be surprised to hear live music in one of the pubs, this Irish tradition is alive and well in this corner of County Donegal.

Even if you travel to Letterkenny just as part of a tour of this region of Ireland, you will find comfortable accommodation and good restaurants. You will be able to choose from hotels, such as the Milford Inn Hotel, or a variety of bed & breakfasts and guesthouses, such as Killererin House or Barclay House B&B. Popular restaurants include the Lemon Tree Restaurant and The Quiet Moment. Most visitors to Letterkenny will arrive by rental car and plan on independently exploring the area. Stick to other areas of Ireland that have better public transport connections if you don’t plan on renting a car, but if you’d like to see an authentic town in the northwest corner of the country, plan an excursion to Letterkenny.

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