Limerick Ireland

Limerick Ireland is the fourth-largest city on the island. Located on the River Shannon, many visitors travel to Limerick on their way from Dublin to other western destinations such as Galway or the Cliffs of Moher. County Limerick is also known for having one of the prettiest villages on the island, Adare Ireland. This village with its thatched roofs has earned a reputation for being a typical, traditional Irish country town. Whether you decide to stop into Limerick on your way to seeing the many things to do in the west, or are hoping to get to know the city a little more intimately, you will be surprised by the welcoming nature of the people and the great atmosphere of local pubs and restaurants.

One of the most popular attractions in Limerick is King John’s castle. Located along the River Shannon, King John’s Castle dates back to a Viking settlement from the tenth century. Today, visitors can see the walls, towers, and fortifications that remain. The Vikings used this strategic point to raid settlements all along the River Shannon. The castle played an important role throughout history, including a series of sieges during the seventeenth century. A visitors center welcomes tourists today who are interested in learning more about the history of the castle. The castle is open year-round from 10 am to 5 pm.

The city of Limerick Ireland also dates back to the time of the Vikings. In the twelfth century, the Normans redesigned the city and pieces of significant architecture were built, including St Mary’s Cathedral. When you travel to Limerick, remember that important historical figures walked the same streets you will, including Oliver Cromwell. Arriving in Limerick Ireland is simple as the Shannon Airport is only a fifteen-minute drive away. During the summer, direct flights connect Shannon to airports in the United States, which has increased the popularity of this Irish destination. Since 2006, new hotels have opened which has drawn even more tourists then before, both to see Limerick and to explore the surrounding countryside.

Adare Ireland is one of the most popular attractions in County Limerick. This village is known for its thatched roofs, golf courses, cozy restaurants, and one very special luxury hotel. Adare Manor is a five-star hotel with a golf course that is a favorite of many professional players. This luxury castle hotel draws people to Adare Ireland who are looking to combine a historical experience with the opportunity to golf and enjoy the stunning landscapes. If you’re a foodie, Adare is also home to some award-winning restaurants including The Wild Geese and the Oakroom Restaurant at Adare Manor.

Other tourist attractions in Limerick Ireland include the Hunt Museum, beautiful Georgian architecture, and boat tours along the River Shannon. Don’t miss the Limerick Museum or the nearby Foynes Flying Boat Museum for a crash course on local history. Many people travel to Limerick to get away from areas of Ireland that they already know well, such as Dublin or Galway. Limerick offers all of the cosmopolitan offerings of these cities, in a smaller environment. Great hotels, restaurants, and nearby attractions will keep people returning to this city in the center of Ireland.

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