Suggested Itineraries Dublin

Ireland has in recent years become increasingly popular as a vacation destination. Friendly locals, incredible history and gorgeous scenery make Ireland a great place to visit. Ireland suggested itineraries can include both history and outdoor beauty, and any serious vacation should last at least a few days if not more. Ireland suggested itineraries for varying amounts of time are listed below and should help to start your planning for a great vacation.

Suggested Itineraries Dublin :

1-3 Days

Dublin is Ireland’s best known city and the place where most travelers who make their way by plane will first touch down. Suggested itineraries Dublin can include so much that it would be a shame not to spend at least a day or two exploring the area. Suggested itineraries Dublin can best begin in the downtown area, where your hotel is likely located anyway. Dublin Castle is located in the city, as is St. Patrick’s Cathedral, St. Patrick’s Green, the National Museum, and all the great shopping on Grafton Street. Dublin suggested itineraries can also include the Ha’penny Bridge, the Dublin Writer’s Museum and the Temple Bar, one of Dublin’s oldest pubs. While these are only a few of the great sights in Dublin, a walking tour of the downtown area can easily fill two or three days.

4-7 Days

With multiple days to spend in Dublin, travelers might also consider planning some side trips to nearby cities. Heading west travelers will have a chance to see some of the coastal fishing villages of Ireland that are still in operation and maintain an old-world feel. Dunmore East is one of the most popular fishing villages and is less then a thirty minute drive from King John’s Castle, which is well worth a stop. Moving northwest tourists will find the city of Cork. Blarney Castle and the Ring of Kerry are also popular destinations.

7+ Days

Many tourists who travel to Ireland plan to see most of the country due to its small size. This is an excellent idea, and if you have plenty of time to spend in Ireland you will want to make time for Belfast. Although the Belfast of the past has been plagued by violence, the Belfast of the present is on the rise. No longer a strife-torn war zone, suggested itineraries for Belfast can include tours of some of Ireland’s most fascinating historical sites. Dublin suggested itineraries that take you to Belfast can include trips to Belfast Castle, the Ulster Folk Museum, the Queen’s University, the Belfast Botanic Gardens and more. The city is split into four quarters, and suggested itineraries for Belfast can be easily organized into trips to the quarters.

In addition to time spent in the cities of Ireland, travelers with the time should also plan to travel into the countryside and along the south coast of the country. An entirely different sort of Ireland awaits you in the country side, and a night spent in a bed and breakfast or small hotel will be truly unforgettable.

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