Waterford Ireland

Waterford Ireland is a lovely destination, and if you want to visit the oldest city in the country, head here. Waterford was founded in 914 by the Vikings and today is the fifth-largest city on the island. Located on Waterford Harbor in the southeastern corner of the island, the city is most famous for the production of Waterford Crystal. Many visitors travel to Waterford to make special purchases where the crystal is made, but it is also for sale at fine venues throughout Ireland. Waterford also refers to a county in Ireland and has other points of interest, including the beautiful town of Dungarvan. On your next trip to Ireland, get in your rental car and start exploring places beyond the capital city.

If you plan to travel to Waterford to have a look at the famous crystal, head straight for the Waterford Crystal Showroom. Often called the world’s finest crystal, the crystal’s showroom draws hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. The visitors center is also a working factory, adding another element of seeing where and how the crystal is made. In Waterford Ireland, this is one of the biggest attractions. Open to visitors daily during the summer and five days per week the rest of the year, the Waterford Crystal Showroom is an attraction not to be missed.

Other attractions in Waterford Ireland include the Waterford Museum of Treasures and Granary Museum, where objects from the city’s more than 1,000 years of history are held. The Waterford Municipal Art Gallery is popular as well and displays a variety of paintings by famous artists such as Jack B Yeats, the brother of the famous poet William Butler Yeats. The Theatre Royal is a Victorian Theatre that can seat about 600 people. Each year since 1959 the annual Waterford International Festival of Light Opera is held at this theatre. Historical attractions include Reginald’s Tower, from the time of the Vikings and John Roberts Square, the pedestrianized center of the city.

Outside of Waterford Ireland, the town of Dungarvan also attracts many visitors. This town and harbor is known for being part of Ireland’s sunny southeast, as the area is often called. The harbor in Dungarvan is particularly picturesque, and it is a great place to go for an evening stroll. Whether you stop in to see the boats, enjoy some water sports, or go shopping, this pleasant town is sure to give you a warm welcome. Attractions to check out while you’re in the town include the Augustinian Priory, the Devonshire Bridge & Grattan Square, the Old Market Square Arts Centre, St Mary’s Church, and Dungarvan Town Hall Theatre and Museum.

If you’re planning travel to Waterford there are a few ways to arrive. Waterford does have its own airport, but flights can be expensive or sporadic. Many visitors choose to stop into Waterford as part of a larger tour of Ireland, and for this a rental car is essential. Whether your trip starts in Dublin, Cork, or Limerick, there are good roads that link these major cities. Once you arrive, there are plenty of hotels or inns where you can rest your head for a night or two before continuing your tour. By seeing Waterford, its crystal factory, and its harbor, you are sure to gain a deeper understanding of the history of Ireland.

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