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Summer is a great time to travel Ireland, at least from a weather standpoint. With greater chance of sun, long days, and emerald green hillsides and meadows, summer vacations here are certainly beautiful, and there are so many things to do in Ireland that take advantage of the outdoors. The only problem is that the rest of the world thinks so too: the summer months are the busiest tourism months for Ireland. If you travel to Ireland between June and late August, you will find coastal cities jammed with vacationers, cities overflowing with traffic, and many peaceful little villages bustling with camera-welding travelers. If you’re determined to see Ireland in its summer glory, be sure to book reservations early for everything possible, from hotels to trains to restaurants. It can be a zoo, but summer vacations in Ireland can still be magical.

If you plan to travel to Ireland during busy summer months, you may find it easier to book any of a number of great Ireland vacation packages. Many Ireland travel packages include hotels, transportation, and discounted rates at local attractions. Some travelers find that the best Ireland vacation packages are found with major European cruises which include Ireland on their cruise routes.

If you travel to Ireland during spring and fall months, you’ll find it is generally less crowded, and the golden leaves of autumn and the budding flowers of spring are both gorgeous. Spring travel also means that you can celebrate one of Ireland’s famous festivals, St. Patrick’s Day. Bring an umbrella and raingear, regardless of the time of year. Ireland is notorious for its rainstorms. Many seasonal hotels and restaurants will close for the winter in late November, opening again in Mid-March, so plan accordingly. Many hotels and tour groups offer special Christmas packages, with entertainment, outdoor activities, and delicious Irish food.

Irish Castle tours are often included in Ireland travel packages. You can book tours with an Irish travel agency or look online. The Irish castle tours are very popular, especially since you will be traveling with a knowledgeable historian who can tell you about the ins and outs of castle life and Irish history. While some tours are bus-based and include many castles, many tours center around one specific castle. In addition, some castles require an entrance free, others are free, and some even offer a free guide.

There are several Ireland vacation packages that combine rounds of golf with hotel rooms and transportation. Many tour groups offer golf packages within different vacations in Ireland to help you find the best-priced golf in Ireland. In addition to golf vacations Ireland travel groups can help you book Ireland travel packages, complete with enjoyable hikes, cruises, bike trips, and many other Irish adventures.

Local cruise lines offer a number of great Ireland vacation packages. An Ireland cruise, regardless of duration, can be a wonderful way to see the Emerald Isle, and a nice way to avoid road, plane, and train travel for a while—or altogether! Some cruises are short day trips to remote regions, like Rathlin Island and Valentia, while others are part of longer Irish cruise routes that stop in many Irish cities and towns.

Many popular attractions have group and family rates, such as the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum, the Guinness Brewery, and the Dublin Zoo. Some vacation packages to Ireland’s capital city will include trips to the Guinness Storehouse on their walking and bus tours of Dublin. Ireland’s tourism groups in major cities can help you find a fun tour, great hotel, and even a nice meal at a delicious Irish restaurant.

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