Assisi Italy

Assisi Italy is renowned as the birthplace of St Francis of Assisi, the creator of the Order of Friars Minor. He is also the patron saint of animals, which holds great significance for Catholic Italians. The modest medieval village, situated on a picturesque hill in the Umbria region, is home to more than 25,000 people. This region in central Italy lies between Italy's two dominant coastlines and is a relaxed, peaceful place welcoming thousands of annual visitors. Assisi attractions are known for their artistic, historic, and religious significance. There are many historic monuments to see and transportation is best by foot, affording an intimate look at the town's best features.

Exploring Assisi is definitely best done by walking. The village is small enough that visitors are able to see all Assisi attractions on foot. The terrain throughout the area is very hilly, which makes it both an interesting place to explore and one that can be arduous to some visitors. The beauty of this Italian city is that there are plenty of places to stop for a cappuccino, ice cream, some shopping, catch a breath, and enjoy the sights.

Assisi offers tourists a variety of accommodation choices. Whether traveling solo, with another person or with a larger group, the town has more than adequate options. There are several Assisi hotels, both small and large, as well as a few choices in self-catering apartments, which are essentially fully-equipped apartments for rent. Italian villas and Italy house rentals are also popular options for travelers, especially families or anyone looking for privacy and a little more freedom. Large Umbrian farmhouses, small, cozy cottages, and house rentals in Assisi Italy are a great way to enjoy the laid back Italian lifestyle.

A trip to Assisi showcases one of the most well maintained medieval villages in Italy. It's second only to the Vatican as a popular religious destination and pilgrimage site. The town's position on a hilltop creates a kind of magical air about it. When walking around, the many Assisi attractions paint an easily interpreted picture of the area's history. St Francis of Assisi is celebrated through many religious rituals and prayers. He is held in high regard by the Italian people, and Catholics specifically, and is celebrated through customary feasts on October 4th each year. These feasts, in honor of the animals, are called St Francis' Feast Day. This is one of the most sacred events of the year, drawing many visitors to the town.

There are a few exceptional Assisi attractions not to be missed during a visit. Basilica di San Francesco is, without a doubt, the most popular attraction. The Basilica is the true jewel of Assisi, brimming with Gothic masterpieces by famous artists such as Giotto, Pietro Lorenzetti, and Simone Martini. Santa Maria degli Angeli, another basilica inaugurated in the late sixteenth century, is another of the choice Assisi attractions. It's notable for a bronze statue of Madonna as well as the Doric architectural style it is designed in.

St Francis of Assisi spent significant time meditating and praying in the Eremo della Carceri, a hilltop monastery open to visitors. This retreat is often visited by tourists taking Italy tours on horseback. The adjacent valley and rock cave are great examples of the peaceful nature of this religious and historic site and exemplify the tranquility of the town. From the monastery, a walk around the cobbled streets of Assisi Italy presents ample opportunity for shopping, dining, and more sightseeing.

Traversing Assisi's streets is like stepping back into time. The medieval stonework within much of the architecture graces the town with an ancient feel. Any tourist traveling throughout the Umbrian region should visit Assisi, even if just for a day trip. It is a unique and undisturbed destination ideal for leaving behind the busy pace of the larger cities of Rome and Florence.

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