Italy Bike Tours

Many people think that the beautiful and unique scenery of this country is best discovered while on a bicycle tour in Italy. Whether the geography is equally accommodating is for the rider to discover.

Easily the most popular bicycle tour in Italy is one of the many available that negotiates the quiet country roads in medieval Tuscany. Ride amongst cypress and sunflower lined roads as you glide down valley roads. Pedal past vineyards and stately farmhouses as the paths take you from one medieval city to the next in the heart of Italy's famed agricultural region. You can also sample numerous fine local wines during down time from your tour, including the potent Chiantis that lend the region its notoriety.

Another popular bicycle tour in Italy is from Venice to Florence, where art, culture and fashion collide as you traverse over canals and winding streets past famed Renaissance architecture. This Italy bike tour also includes a charming trip through Italy's Emilia-Romagna region, the capital for traditional Italian cuisine. Take in local markets and magnificent cathedrals as you pass by Bologna and Parma. Many Italy bicycle tours will extend this trip to Pisa or all the way to the Ligurian sea, if you so wish, giving you plenty more time to explore the lush hills of Tuscany.

There are Italy bike tours also available in the Piedmont and Lombard regions, where the fertile hills meet with the Po River. See aloof castles and fortresses, the shimmering Lake Como, and the diverse culture that has developed from sharing borders with France and Switzerland.

The northern regions do not have a monopoly on Italy bike tours, however. Bike through the coastal resorts of the Apulia region - the country's southeast corner - where European, Greek and Middle Eastern architecture join with the gossamer blue of the Mediterranean shoreline. Cities bathed in white paint and afternoon heat, many Italy bicycle tours in this region also feature a stop at Bari, long a favorite amongst discriminating travelers.

You can also see the arresting sites of Sicily while on a bicycle tour in Italy. The eerie and seductive history of the island becomes apparent as you pedal through coastal towns and medieval villages. Greek ruins and temples dot the island's pathways and provide the perfect backdrop for any number of Italy bike tours. Or hop a ferry and ride the bumpy roads of Sardinia, where ancient forests and the oldest ruins in the country still struggle to stand.

No matter what region you decide on, there are countless Italy bicycle tours available. Don't miss out, as it's an amazing chance to experience the delightful countryside in a new and invigorating way.

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