Even though it spans little more than four square miles, the Isle of Capri has long been one of the top tourist destinations in Italy. Whether just day-tripping from Naples or spending an entire week in one of the extravagant Capri island hotels, there is more than enough to satisfy the most experienced travelers. Lying just 3 miles from the tip of the Sorrentine peninsula, the beauty of the island of Capri is certainly no secret - its tourist season lasts significantly longer than most Mediterranean resorts, making lodging difficult between the months of April and October. So beware, unless you have made reservations weeks in advance, otherwise you might be on the last hydrofoil back to Naples in the evening.

Most of the isle of Capri is like a giant resort, and prices rise accordingly, especially in August, when many Italians from throughout the country vacation here. The city of Capri is the hub of the island, where most of the hotels, restaurants and shops reside. Here you can take scenic walks, stop in a cafe for a limoncello cocktail (a locally distilled lemon-flavored liqueur that is extremely popular in the area), or visit Villa Jovis, the ruins of one of twelve villas constructed under Tiberius"s rule in the first century. Dedicated to the Olympus Gods and known as the Palazzo di Tiberio, legends and stories of the debauched emperor are so ubiquitous, you"d think he was still presiding in the high cliffs.

A stop at the Giardini di Augusto offers a view overlooking the famous I Faraglioni - sheer cliffs eroded by wind and tides so that they rise independent of the mainland. Here live the rare blue lizard and endangered monk seal that seem to be the only wildlife on the island other than swarms of sea gulls. Another of the best attractions on the island of Capri is the legendary blue grotto, a cavern where sunrays illuminate the Mediterranean water so the tides appear a shade of ethereal azure. The grotto is only reachable by boat, so expect to fight long lines. Though less popular, no less striking is the Green Grotto located nearby.

Capri Island Hotels are amazing to see on their own, regardless of the picturesque mountainsides enveloping them. The spacious Grand Hotel Quisisana is the most popular, and therefore the most expensive lodging on the island of Capri, and is often the temporary home of some of the world"s notable celebrities. Casa Morgano is just as beautiful, but with slightly lower prices. Villa Krupp offers outstanding views of gardens from its ornate terraces, but its real popularity stems from being one of the most affordable of the Capri island hotels.

An unnerving trip into the island"s steep cliffs will bring you to the comparatively insular town of Anacapri - a sleepy town where the crowds only include those willing to chance the precarious bus trek. Here you can take a chairlift to the highest point on the isle of Capri, called Monte Solaro, where a breathtaking view of the Bay of Naples awaits you.

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