Cheap Italy Vacation Packages

No matter where you are flying from, there are bound to be some discount travel packages to Italy. The most popular and obvious way is to get a package combining airfare and hotel – especially if you are staying in Rome, this is almost always the cheapest way to go. Both travel agents and internet sites can easily help you out here, though if you are planning on visiting a handful of cities or more, travel agents usually have a bit more flexibility when booking vacations. Cheap Italy vacation packages can also revolve around a car rental, a must if you want to do some exploring of your own. Particularly if you are headed to the iconic small towns of Tuscany and want to stay out of the way and really drink in what the region has to offer, renting a car will help you move in and out of cities like Chiusi, Lucca and Cortona at your own pace. Most travelers include Venice in their plans, but if you want to discover the surrounding areas that are commonly overlooked, again, a car rental is a necessary part, no matter which of the cheap Italy vacation packages you choose.

Getting discount travel packages to Italy is easier if you are a student. Not only do you get cheaper airfares, there are numerous specialty agents that can get you other good deals, not to mention special student fares on many of the country’s most famous sights once you arrive. The other major factor is time of the year – obviously you want to travel during the low season to help keeps costs down, and when it comes to cheap travel packages Italy has just as many as any other European nation. If not more. If you are heading out between May and September (high season), you’ll be paying a lot more for airfare and hotels, plus they are likely to be twice as crowded. So if you are dead set on getting one of the discount travel packages to Italy, check out the waning weeks of October – it’s still warm in the south and major sights like the Colosseum of Rome or Uffizi Gallery in Florence have yet to switch over to off-season hours. When it comes to hotels and other lodging options, however, cities like Rome or Venice never really see an off-season – their popularity remains near its peak year-round, and holidays like Christmas and New Year’s (and Carnivale, if you are planning on Venice) only add to the price. If this is when you’re looking for cheap travel packages, Italy is unlikely to provide.

But you can get more from most cheap Italy vacation packages. Art-lovers or wine-enthusiasts will find that there is a wide range of tours and other package deals to accommodate you. Take tours of the vineyards of Tuscany, walking tours of Bari, food tours of the Bologna region – these specialty tours are all part of a great trip, but will milk your budget just a bit more. You can even book an Italian cruise as part of your package, encircling the country in the water instead of staying in just one place. No matter when you are looking for cheap travel packages Italy will have something - a simple internet search will return hundreds of quality results, and you’ll be on your way to the Italian vacation of your dreams.

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