Florence Airport Transfers

Florence airport transfers come in a variety of options, making any trip to your destinations in this capital of the Tuscany region a hassle-free experience. There are several modes of Florence Italy airport transportation, from taxis and private transfers, to buses and trains. Florence airport shuttles are available, either separately through your particular hotel, or through a service such as Volainubus, an airport shuttle service that transfers people to downtown Florence from Amerigo Vespucci International Airport (Peretola). It truly just depends upon what you desire when it comes to getting from the airport to wherever it is you are going. There are relatively cheap options (cheap fees for bus tickets), and lavish options including rented Mercedes or Limo’s. It only depends upon how much you want to spend and what your desired experience is.

Most international flights to Florence use Galileo Galilei International Airport, which is closer to Pisa than Florence. Florence Italy airport transportation could not get a whole lot easier than what you will find here, in terms of ease of getting into downtown Florence. For anyone looking to save money, the only Florence airport transfers from Galileo Galilei worth thinking about are the modestly priced (as compared to a private rental) train tickets to downtown Florence. You will also be able to rent cars or take buses into Florence. There are information services on the ground floor of the airport. Galileo Galilei is located about a mile and a half from Florence, so a cab rental will not set you back that much at all. It only takes about ten minutes by taxi and fewer minutes by train.

Amerigo Vespucci International Airport is located about two-and-a-half miles from the center of Florence and offers a range of Florence Italy airport transportation options. It only takes about fifteen minutes by taxi to reach the historic city center from the airport, and cab fare (especially when split between a group) is not too expensive. Florence airport shuttles can also be with your hotel. It is advisable to work with your hotel or travel planner in advance to find out your best options for how to take advantage of free shuttle transfers from the airport to your hotel.

Another popular option for Florence airport transfers from Amerigo Vespucci is the bus that connects the airport with the Santa Maria Novella Railway Station. This trip takes a mere twenty minutes and the rates are very reasonable. From the Santa Maria Novella Railway Station, you can get to many different specific locations within the city. This is another area where it is advisable to do your research in advance, just in the odd event that you will run into an unfriendly attendant or someone who is averse to speaking English that day. If you find out before your trip which train you will be catching once you arrive at the train station, you will save yourself a potential headache and make life a lot easier on yourself in the long run. No matter if it is Florence airport shuttles, trains, cars, or buses that you opt for, the important thing is that you get out of the airport and on with enjoying your vacation in Tuscany.

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