Bed and Breakfast in Florence

A bed and breakfast in Florence Italy is a fantastic option for travelers who are looking for a bit more privacy and tranquility than what a busy hotel can offer. Florence is certainly the kind of city that you will want to be able to enjoy at your own pace. You could run around Florence and see many of the attractions of the city in a few days, but you could also spend a full month if you’re taking your time. For many, the key to making a trip to Florence a reality is securing affordable accommodation. For others, the need is simply to find the ideal place that suits their exact desires. Whether you are searching for a cheap Florence Italy B&B or a luxury bed and breakfast in Florence, a little advance research should put you on the right track to finding the perfect place for you.

There is no one kind of bed and breakfast in Florence. In fact, this is one of the great benefits of booking this kind of accommodation. You are in control when it comes to selecting the size and style, location and proximity to other attractions, and virtually everything else. This is not to say there are not several longstanding B&Bs in Florence. Two examples are the Villa La Sosta and the Leopold House which have been operating for decades. Many such places can be found in the residential areas that border the city, in the Tuscan hills. Pisa and Siena are also great places to look for villas and bed and breakfasts ouside of Florence.

If you are taking a large group of friends or your family to Florence and require a larger accommodation, the bed and breakfast set-up may not be for you. There are however, bed and breakfasts in the city that range in size from quaintly tiny for couples, to spacious, multiple-room set ups that may work perfectly for a group of three or four friends or two couples looking to split the cost of accommodations while staying in the city. For many young people and backpacker travelers, a cheap Florence Italy B&B is a nice diversion from many of the hostels in other cities. Just as with seemingly everything else in Florence, even the tiny B&Bs seem better kept and more meticulously maintained. You do not have to sacrifice on quality or comfort at your usual bed and breakfast in Florence, quite the contrary as a matter of fact. For those people who just do not feel at home at a large hotel, a serene bed and breakfast may be just what the doctor ordered.

When it comes to a luxury bed and breakfast in Florence, the options get even more exciting. There are many private residences, complete with sprawling gardens, statuary in the courtyard, large rooms, and beautifully appointed private chambers, that could fall under the category of bed and breakfast. They are not hotels. They are large private residences that can become your home away from home on your next trip to Tuscany. You have to see some of these places to truly believe your eyes, and you may have to research extensively to find the perfect one as they are all unique. Imagine all of the amenities of a large hotel combined with the refined and elegant grace of a private residence. A luxury bed and breakfast in Florence may just be the ideal accommodation for a honeymoon, combining luxury with privacy, serenity with excellent personal attention.

Whether you are looking for a cheap Florence Italy B&B or something more luxurious, perhaps in the Tuscan hills, you will be best served by doing as much advance planning as possible. This way you will ensure availability and lock in the best possible rates.

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