Day Trips from Florence

Florence Day Trips
Florence Day Trips

Day trips from Florence allow visitors to the capital of Tuscany a chance to see more of this beautiful region. They can also sometimes come in very handy if you are traveling during a particularly busy tourist time, as they can tend to be a welcome diversion from the packed streets of popular Florence. Florence Italy day trips include a range of different itineraries, from trips to the Chianti wine country to watch expert wine making in the act, to explorations of the Tuscany hills, complete with their vineyards, wineries, and coastal communities. Just some of the itineraries for Tuscany day trips include excursions to Fiesole, Siena, Pisa, and Lucca.

You are best advised to try to arrange for your day trips from Florence in advance of your trip. This will ensure that you are not getting gouged on prices for booking the day of the trip, and it will also guarantee that you will have reserved seats for the ideal excursion of your choice. One of the easiest and hassle-free Florence Italy day trips is to nearby Fiesole. It is a short ride on bus #7 from downtown Florence. Fiesole is a beautiful little town located in the hills just north of Florence. There is a wonderful observation deck amidst the archaeological treasures that are located in the town, including an impressive Roman amphitheater and old Etruscan ruins. This is an easy day trip and is ideal for anyone looking to just get out of the city for a few hours to enjoy some peace and quiet.

Florence is surrounded by a number of other desirable communities that many people like to include in their itineraries. Tuscany day trips to the Chianti wine region rank among some of the most popular. This wine region is located between Florence and Siena. You can arrange for car or bus tours of the various hill towns in the region, which are literally lined with acres of grapes. Tastings and explorations of the vineyards themselves are absolute musts for any lovers of Italian reds, especially Chianti.

Siena (pictured at top) is less than 40 miles south of the Tuscan capital and is one of the most popular destinations for day trips from Florence. It is a hill town that dates back to medieval times, as evidenced by the architecture of the famous bell tower and beautiful cathedral. You can get to Siena by bus or train from Florence, and it is well worth the trip to see the gorgeous town set out of time.

Another of the most popular Florence Italy day trips is the one that leads to Pisa. Of course, this destination is most widely known for its leaning tower, but you will also find such treasures as the local Duomo and Baptistery. Lord Byron and Shelley both made their homes here, making it an interesting destination for literature lovers for this reason alone. The architecture of this medieval town is brilliant, and Pisa is easy reached by train or bus from the city of Florence. If you are choosing from Tuscany day trips, you cannot go wrong with Pisa, Siena, or Fiesole. The wine region is like icing on top of the cake.

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