Florence Italy Restaurants

Florence Italy restaurants are just one part of the overall excellent travel experience in this capital of the Tuscany region. Florence is renowned for its sumptuous dishes that combine fresh ingredients with simple preparations. Whereas traditional cuisine in many cosmopolitan cities in Europe, such as Venice or Paris, can be said to have developed from the cradle of the aristocracy, trickling down into the daily lives of the everyday person, the food and experience of dining in Florence has been very much influenced by peasant eating and cooking. Thus, you will find a wide variety of mouthwatering, yet simple dishes at some of the best restaurants in Florence. A perfect example of this is the local favorite—bistecca alla fiorentina. This dish consists of a large, coal-fired, rare T-bone steak over a bed of wilted arugula, topped with the freshest Parmesan cheese.

Florence Italy Restaurants
Florence Italy Restaurants

When you are exploring the city you will certainly have the option of partaking of conventional favorites such as pasta and pizza in Florence, but many more tempting treats will also be at your disposal. A favorite starter for many people dining in Florence Italy restaurants is the bruschetta. This can come in a number of different varieties but the essential ingredients have stood the test of time and been a favorite with residents and of this Italian city since the fifteenth century. It is grilled bread served with extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper, garlic, and tomatoes and other herbs for flavor. Other popular starters that you should try when dining in Florence are the crostini toscani (sliced rounds of bread served with olive oil), sliced bread with a chicken liver pate, sliced meats like prosciutto and salami, and the excellent and expansive variety of cheeses.

When dining in Florence, you need to be aware of the traditional custom of utilizing as much of the animal as possible. Even some of the best restaurants in Florence serve tripe and you can regularly find it sold at various street stands where traditional vendors maintain old favorite dishes. This comes from the cooking traditions that have been prevalent among the classes of peasants who needed to make the most of every bit of food available to them. There are not too many other oddities that outsiders will get too uneasy about. In fact, many of the primary ingredients and the most prevalent dishes have been fully incorporated into the diets of people from many other countries, including the U.S. You can order bruschetta off of any menu at a restaurant in New York, Los Angeles, or any other little city for that matter. The difference is that you will be enjoying these classic favorites in the place of their birth.

The Tuscany region is widely renowned for its wine, so it goes without saying that if you enjoy a glass from time to time, you should absolutely make it a priority to sample as you go along. Great wines can be found on wine tours and in the best restaurants in Florence, as well as in some family-owned shops, where you can often find the best deals of wine and cheese from local shop owners who are well versed in local cuisine. Florence Italy restaurants are a treat for any traveler indeed.

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