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Florence events and festivals pepper the calendar throughout the year in this popular tourist destination in Tuscany. This city consistently ranks among the top destinations for tourists in the world, and has earned the top spot from various longstanding and well-respected resources many times. As such, it is not hard to believe that there are many exciting events and Florence Italy festivals that you can enjoy on your trip. From symphonic performances and operas in Florence, to an international music festival and the Florence Biennale, the best events in Florence are going on seemingly all of the time.

The Florence Biennale is one of the most highly anticipated Florence events, even though it was only founded in 1997 and takes place every two years. As compared to cities like Venice that have been celebrating their respective biennales for much longer, the tradition in Florence is a relatively new one. This is somewhat interesting in light of the fact that Florence has long been considered the cradle of the Renaissance and is widely held to be the city that holds the largest and most precious collection of art for its size in the entire world. Nonetheless, the founders of this event saw a pressing need to display the artwork of contemporary practitioners in the area, and the Florence Biennale was born. It is held every odd year in the Fortezza de Basso.

The Florence International Music Festival is another of the most popular events in the city. Among all other Florence Italy festivals, the express purpose of this one is to showcase the emerging talent of young musicians from around the world. It is a priceless opportunity for these young musicians to perform in some of the most renowned venues in Italy, the places where some of the first operas in Florence were ever performed. It is also an opportunity for savvy travelers to catch a show at a premiere venue for far less than it may otherwise cost to see a professional performance staged at the same places.

The Festival dei Popoli is one of the most eagerly anticipated Florence events as well. This is not hard to imagine, as cinema has for some time been an important aspect of pop culture in Florence. This particular event is Florence’s international film festival with categories for international as well as Italian submissions. It is held every year from November 13 through 20.

The Art International Handicrafts Fair is one of the most amazing Florence Italy festivals. It is held annually in the spring and the tickets are cheap. Once you have bought your tickets, you can enjoy the wide world of goods at your disposal, from handmade jewelry and clothing, to furniture and beauty care products. There are deep discounts on many of these items and most are of a very high quality, as the artisans normally put their best works on display and for sale during this high-profile event.

When visiting this city, there are a couple of things you do not want to miss. You should try to see one of the operas in Florence, as this is the city where the artistic convention was born. The museums, art galleries, palazzi, and piazzas are also not to be missed. You will certainly not experience a shortage of things to do or see.

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