Florentine Mosaic Art

Florentine mosaic art is just one of the artistic conventions that flourished in the city of Florence during the period of the Renaissance. Florence art history is filled with a rich tradition of pioneering new mediums, whether in architecture and design, or painting and sculpture. This capital of the Tuscany region has become known as the Cradle of the Renaissance, and is widely held to be the most significant city in terms of its particular influence on the Italian Renaissance. The Golden Age of Florentine art had already begun around the turn of the second millennium, when much of the rest of the world was falling into tumult and darkness. Florence was not only instrumental in the realization of Renaissance ideals around the world because of its plethora of talented artists, but also because it financed and encouraged many such artists, allowing their talents to emerge, and the Renaissance to begin.

Florence is one of the most desirable tourist destinations in the entire world, and this is largely attributable to its museums and galleries that display many historically significant works of art. Florence art history is filled with names such as Leonardo da Vinci, Brunelleschi, and Raphael. Florence mosaic art, frescoes, awe-inspiring architecture, and beautiful urban landscaping can be found all over the city as well, but it is the masterworks in the famous museums of Florence that drive millions into the city’s walls each and every year.

Although it would be a futile endeavor to even begin to list all such works in a short space, taking a look at some of the most renowned works of art will give you a sense of just how immensely important this city has been to the progression of art and Renaissance ideals in general.

The Botticelli Birth of Venus is a stunning painting that depicts the goddess Venus rising from the sea in full human form, as angels and a human woman rush to her attention. This 70 x 120 inch tempera on canvas is one of the key attractions at the Uffizi Gallery. The artist completed the Botticelli Birth of Venus toward the end of the fifteenth century, circa 1486. In the Botticelli Birth of Venus, the elements that make this particular artist so unique are evident. Botticelli, as compared to many of his contemporaries at the day, was not a card-carrying Naturalist, and we can see his different uses of perspective, and the liberties he takes with the bodies and poses of the figures in the painting. It is definitely worth a trip to the Uffizi to see this and many other great paintings. Much of the rich Florence art history can be uncovered under the roof of this world famous museum.

The Da Vinci Annunciation is another one of the most highly regarded and popular individual pieces of art in Florence. Leonardo painted it, with the help of Andrea del Verrocchio between the years 1472 and 1475. This masterful painting also resides in the Uffizi Gallery, having been moved from the Monastery of San Bartolomeo in 1867. It depicts an angel offering a Madonna lily, the symbol of Mary’s virginity and the city of Florence itself, to Mary.

The Ghiberti Gates of Paradise are also a sight you simply must see to believe when you visit Florence. The impressive panels line the doors of the Florence Baptistery, where you will also find an array of frescoes and other important paintings and sculptures. Florence mosaic art, sculptures, frescoes, and paintings, many of which were created by world-famous artists that helped pioneer the Renaissance around the world, can be found around virtually every corner in Florence, the Jewel of the Renaissance.



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