Florence Shopping

Florence shopping is a grand experience. Some of the most influential fashion houses in the world were founded in this city, including that of Salvatore Ferragamo, one of the oldest and most renowned of all. When it comes to what to buy in Florence Italy, items run the gamut from high-end haute couture styles from leading Italian designers on streets such as Via de’ Tornabuoni, to jewelry and trinkets in the Ponte Vecchio area. Outlet shopping tours in Florence have also become increasingly popular because of the deep savings tourists can realize on high-end goods.

Florence Shopping
Florence Shopping

Florence is a city whose local population is outnumbered by the tourist population between the months of April and October. Many of the people who travel to this popular destination do so with the express intention of taking advantage of the amazing Florence shopping scene. While many of the biggest and most notable Italian designers are now headquartered in Milan, most of them started out in Florence. Internationally recognized brand names includign Gucci, Prada, Armani, and Chanel were all founded in Florence, and all of these and many more still maintain boutiques in the city center. There are a couple of ways to try to save money. You can try to haggle prices down in tourist centers like the San Lorenzo Market and the privately owned shops in the Ponte Vecchio, or you can take part in one of the many available outlet shopping tours in Florence.

By reserving a place on these tours, you can many times get savings on labels such as Gucci and Prada of up to 50 percent off the label price. The downside is that this is a lackluster experience as compared to shopping the boutiques and stores along streets in the city center like Via de’ Tornabuoni. However, if you are traveling on a budget and want to get the best bargains possible, it may be advisable to at least try out one of the outlet shopping tours in Florence. Essentially, you will be picked up at your hotel by a multilingual driver whose company has an association with the various outlets that allows their paying customers to get the discounts.

Florence Central Market
Florence Central Market

Florence shopping is not confined to ultra-expensive designer boutiques. There is also a wide range of open-air markets and flea markets where you can find everything from leather goods and fabric, to crafts and home goods. It is a challenge trying to decide just what to buy in Florence Italy at places like the flea market near the Piazza Santa Croce, as there is simply so much for sale. A great way to get to know the city and its various shopping epicenters is to grab a local map and begin exploring with your group, or even by yourself. Try out the New Market located under the Loggia del Porcellino, stop by the Ferragamo boutique, try out a brand new fragrance at the Chanel store, and treat yourself to a Florence shopping experience to remember. As you spend more time in Florence, the consideration is likely to shift from what to buy in Florence Italy, to what not to buy in Florence. The budget can go quickly, but for many, you only get to go to Florence once.

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