Florence Tours

Florence tours provide visitors to this famous city in central Italy the option of shaping ideal, personal itineraries that allow them to see exactly what appeals to them. There is so much to do in Florence, from exploring the vast galleries and museums filled with prized Renaissance art, to leisurely strolling the gardens and parks along the Arno River as you take in lovely vistas of the Renaissance palazzi and other amazing architecture. You can opt for a Florence private tour and there are a wide variety of Florence guided tours as well.

For some of the attractions it is advisable to have along a guide. For instance, if you decide to take an Arno River cruise tour, you will have a knowledgeable guide to explain the significance of landmarks like the Ponte Vecchio (Old Bridge), under which you will float, and other such significant destinations along the way. In other instances, as when the well-informed art aficionado wants to take her time and spend the entire day perusing the Uffizi Gallery, then perhaps this is the time to go it alone. And, there is always the option of taking audio tours of the gallery. Walking tours in Florence Italy are also a very popular option for many tourists. Organized Florence tours that visit all of the most popular attractions within the historic city center, including the Pitti Palace, the Palazzo Vecchio, and the Florence Cathedral (to name a few) allow people the opportunity to get a nice survey glance of the city’s highlights.

Florence Italy Tours
Florence Italy Tours

The advantage of booking a Florence private tour is that you cut through the lines, which can be substantial. Another advantage is that you have the personal attention of your own personal guide. You are able to reserve a Florence private tour that offers any number of different itineraries, from a Florence bike tour or walking tour of the historic city center, to Florence guided tours of Tuscany on an all-day excursion into the hills and wine country. These tours are available in all varieties and can get as luxurious as you desire. If you so choose, you can reserve your own 5 star Florence vacation, complete with your own driver, your own private villa in the Tuscan hills, and an individually crafted itinerary. Spend time at only the places that you wish to see the most. Perhaps a trip into the Chianti region between Siena and Florence, where you can sample the finest examples of this grape in its birthplace, is an appealing prospect to you. There are Florence guided tours that deliver you into the heart of Tuscan wine country. You can sample the wine, watch them being made, and even make your own wine to bring home with you.

Other popular Florence tours include museum combinations. You can save a significant amount of money, cut through the lines, and often guarantee entrance by making your reservations in advance of your trip. There are combination tickets for tours of the Uffizi and Academy Gallery, Florence half-day sightseeing tours, Tuscan wine making and cooking excursions, Arno River cruises, and much more. You will certainly not be at a lack for things to do or places to see on your trip to Florence.

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