Wedding in Florence Italy

A wedding in Florence Italy has to be one of the most fairytale situations in the world. Not many people have the luxury of such an amazing itinerary for their wedding, but for those that do, it is a dream. There are a wide variety of options for everything from where to have the wedding and reception, to what kind of flowers, music, and wine you would like to have. There are several reputable service providers whose only mission is to make your wedding and Florence Italy honeymoon the dream day that you have always imagined. Once you have selected the wedding location in Florence, or in any of the surrounding areas in Tuscany for that matter, you can begin to iron out the finer points and details of the plans.

You will need all of the same documentation that you would need if you got married in your country of origin. The fact that there are companies that assist with every detail of the process does not negate the necessity to provide them with birth certificates, medical documentation, and passports. Requirements to get married in Italy vary by local area, so this should be one of your first considerations before you even begin thinking about selecting a location. It is best to work with your provider or planner on any overseas requirements such as fees and documents. You will also need to make arrangement with the Italian embassy in your country to declare your intention to wed in Italy.

It is hard to imagine a much more romantic setting for a wedding than the gorgeous, golden Tuscan hills. The wine country and ancient setting of the historic city center are the perfect complements to an idyllic atmosphere in central Italy. As you plan your wedding in Florence Italy, you will find that there are many different combinations of where to have your wedding and reception. There are large, private villas and homes that people rent out to have a massive gathering with all of their family and friends, as well as smaller, more intimate places that are perfectly suited for smaller weddings and receptions. There are also a plethora of churches, and other spaces suitable for ceremonies and receptions. The last thing that you should worry about is finding the right place for your wedding and Florence Italy honeymoon. As you can imagine, virtually every wedding location in Florence provides a spectacular setting for a perfect occasion.

Believe it or not, you can even arrange for a wedding inside the hallowed Red Hall of the Palazzo Vecchio in the heart of Florence. This palace was constructed in 1299 and became the official residence of the influential Medici family in the 1500s. Currently, it is possible to experience the opulent luxuriousness of this great palace on one of the most important days in your life. The prospect of a wedding location in Florence in a palace such as this is a more than alluring prospect. For those people who are not planning things on such a grandiose scale, there are plenty of other places to have an ideal wedding in Florence Italy.

Whoever you work with as a wedding planner can also arrange for the a Catholic or Protestant church, depending on your needs and wishes. And as mentioned before, there is no need to be fearful that even one of your specific details will be left out. The best wedding planners will not only find the ideal wedding location in Florence with you, but will also assist with every single detail, making sure you get to have the flowers, food, and entertainment you want. You can really put your mind at ease knowing that these professionals have done this many times before, but treat each new couple with the same care and service. After the wedding plans are made, you Florence Italy honeymoon awaits.

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