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One of the main selling points in Genoa is its intriguing mix of past and present. The balance of the old city with outlying commercial regions should appeal to business travelers and tourists alike. But the hotels in Genoa seem to have yet to pick up on this. While most of the hotels in Italy aim to celebrate ancient ruins or renaissance culture, most Genoa hotels seem to strive for little more than mediocrity. That doesn"t mean that they are rundown, unsafe or second-rate - just that they do not go the extra mile to cater to visitors.

One of the most popular hotels in Genoa is named after its most popular former resident - the Columbus Sea Hotel. Though there is nothing particularly special about it, it does have a nice view of the bay from most rooms, and is nearby many of the city"s best tourist attractions. The Bristol Palace is a former mansion from the late nineteenth century on the central street of Via XX Settembre, and became one of the Genoa hotels of choice for the city"s noblemen and magistrates to spend their evenings. High society functions were once a mainstay here, and the hotel goes out of its way to remind its guests of its glittering history. Another aristocratic example of the past is on display at the Romantik Hotel. Located directly on the coast, this is one of the more interesting hotels in Italy - it was originally built by a wealthy sea merchant to bring the valuable cargo from his ships directly into the house via an underground passageway.

Hotels and pensioni in Genoa"s old town can be hit or miss, considering both value and cleanliness. But vaulted staircases and 16th century staircases dot the interior of the Hotel Agnello d"Oro, one of the nicest Genoa hotels in the historical district. Though not one of the fanciest hotels in Italy, the rooms are decked out to resemble a Genoan inn built at the height of the city"s power. This hotel has a sense of history that remains missing at many of the other available lodgings in the city.

Despite its uninspiring name, the City Hotel is a good choice for those who want close, convenient access to the main streets of Genoa. Stucco walls and sharp angles set it apart from the other hotels in Genoa and its foremost location and value make it one of the top choices for any traveler.

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