Greve in Chianti

Wine lovers unite! There may be no finer Tuscany village to visit than Greve in Chianti. Chianti, the most famous of red wines in Italy, is named after the region found in Tuscany. Notable not only by name, but also in appearance, Chianti typically comes in its own distinct squat bottle wrapped in a straw holding. Due to the popularity of this wine as an export, the Denominazione di Origine Controllata, or DOC, formed in 1967, found that many regions in central Tuscany wanted inclusion in using the Chianti label, growing the area by some 10%. As it was, in 1972, Greve in Chianti gained this notable inclusion and no doubt enjoys its role in this highly regarded wine region. Like many Villages in Tuscany, Greve Italy rose as expanding Castle communities spread into more suitable flat lands around the 13th and 14th centuries. Situated between Florence and Siena, it is a welcome side trip, especially during the September Greve Wine Festival. You just may want to make it your prime destination, or book a Chianti wine tour here, as Greve and the surrounding countryside has so much to offer.

Running along the A1 autostrada between Florence and Rome, Greve Italy is an easy find along the rolling Tuscan countryside, and this Tuscany village is well worth a visit. In past times, an old network of roads made Greve accessible to tradesmen and farmers ever looking for markets to dump their wares. Greve in Chianti now finds itself part of the modern network and is churning out quality wines more than ever. Here you’ll find a wine shop around each bend. As Greve has grown into the most important center in the valley, accommodations are plenty. The best way to enjoy your Chianti experience is through Agritourism, which involves staying in a self-catering rural farmhouse, apartment or villa. Often cheaper than a hotel, these lodgings typically include a swimming pool, and are charming and quiet.

Greve Italy joined the modern state of Italy in 1861, when the country finally became united, but was an independent town throughout its prior existence. The Roman Catholic religious order known as the Franciscans held a monastery here in the 1400"s and a previous monastery already existed, as well as a small hospital. In the 11th century, documents show the existence of a monastic colony on the hill of San Francesco after Etruscan and Roman dominance of the area. In the old part of town, visitors will find a triangular main square where for centuries a market has served the needs of nearby castles and bordering communities. Along this plaza, you will find medieval structures such as the Chiesa Santa Croce, or Church of Santa Croce, which was built in the the 11th century. Renovations were made to this ancient structure in 1325 after it was burned to the ground. Giovanni da Verrazzano, discoverer of New York harbor, was born in 1485 in the area of Greve, and at the main plaza you will find a monument to this local son. Numerous other sites abound from times gone by, including the castle of Verrazzano, just outside of the town’s center, and the church of Santo Stefano, which houses a Madonna with Child from the 13th century. It doesn’t get any more Italian than that.

Between seeing all the sites you will eventually get a hankering to sample the local wines, and if you are lucky enough to be in Greve in September, then you will find the Greve Wine Festival, when this Tuscany village, named after the nearby river, overflows its banks with the regions coveted red elixir. The Greve Wine Festival is the Chianti region’s largest wine fair and is guaranteed to impress. While there are many things to do in Italy, a Chianti wine tour is one of the most popular tourist options. There are also many hiking trails to be found around Greve in Chianti, and bicycling tours offer a unique way to explore the breathtaking countryside.

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