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Some people are able to afford extended vacations, up to months at a time. Or maybe you are going to Italy to work or volunteer or take an Italian language course for a few weeks – if one of these is the case, you may want to look into a vacation house rental. You’ll find that if you are staying in the same area for a majority of your time, a more permanent address can help keep costs down, as monthly rates are always preferable to weekly or nightly ones.

If you are looking for houses and villas, Tuscany Italy and the Lake District provide the most options. Extended stays along Lake Como, Lake Maggiore or deep in the Tuscan foothills will be more enjoyable if you have a home away from home already set up, so you need to be sure your vacation house rental Italy is suited just for you.

There are many companies designed for doing just this – based out of America and England, they specialize in finding real estate in foreign lands, which can be a real hassle if you do it on your own, especially if you plan on staying over three months, as there are visa restrictions and other red tape to navigate through. So it’s always nice when the process is simplified, and that’s just what you’ll find. These companies also feature properties all across the country, though if you want houses and villas Tuscany Italy are always the most popular.

As you’d probably guess, apartment and condo rentals are far easier in the large cities – Rome, Naples, Milan, Venice – all are chock full of places to stay. Even smaller cities will have many apartments available throughout the year, but if you want a vacation house rental Italy will not disappoint. No matter where you go in the countryside, you’ll find many. As one of the most visited European countries, Italy has long had an amicable relationship with tourism, and even less popular regions like Basilicata and Apulia in the south. Surrounded by Greek and Roman ruins, these regions are often unfairly overlooked as possible vacation destinations – especially given their location right on the Tyrrhenian Sea.

So no matter if you want houses and villas Tuscany Italy-style, you are headed to the less traveled areas of the southeast, or you are looking for houses outside Rome or Milan, finding somewhere to stay is no harder than a search on the internet. The real problem is: with so many great regions to explore, where will you go first?

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