Italian Villas

No matter which region of Italy you are heading to, there’s no better way to get to know the countryside than in a stay at a charming villa. And Italian villas for rent take on many forms, from luxuriant spas to tiny farmhouses buried deep inside the hills of Tuscany. While you can find Italian villas for rent all across the country, the majority of them are based out of the north. Whether it’s along the Riviera or in the Lake District, renting Italian villas is no harder than getting a hotel. If you want seclusion and luxury, then Lake Como Italian villas are the way to go, but villa options run the gamut from decadent spa dates to renovated buildings from centuries past, where you can forget all about the outside world and live like it was 1500.

While there are plenty of converted farmhouses, the most memorable Italian villas for rent are medieval structures, lovingly preserved and waiting for tourists. Whether it’s a converted monastery, towering bastions, or renovated cottages built in the thirteenth century, renting Italian villas doesn’t get much better than these. And you’ll find plenty of these through the Chianti hills of Tuscany. Here you’ll find mile after mile of these properties, tucked quietly just outside of town, or in the middle of nowhere, overlooking the tranquil farmlands for as far as you can see. These are especially popular outside of San Gimignano, a rapidly growing Tuscan town that still retains its quiet charm on the fringes of the city, while providing a beautiful glimpse into a thriving city in the hills.

But renting Italian villas does not necessarily have to be like these – throughout the country you’ll find designer options that are less about quiet charm and more about luxury in the sun-soaked towns of Southern Italy. Along the waters of Sorrento you’ll find renting Italian villas is simple, as long as you book ahead. Few places have as many tourists looking to get away as Sorrento does.

The coastline of Sicily is where you’ll find another large portion of Italian villas for rent. Whether you are in Catania, Siracusa or nearby Palermo, you’ll find secluded and luxurious villas spread out before you, especially on the stretch of Sicily known as the “Lemon Riviera,” which starts at Acrieale and ends at Taormina. Known for its dry and perpetually sunny weather, Sicilian villas are every bit the match of those to the north. Maybe even better.

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