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Italy’s prime location in the heart of the Mediterranean makes it a perfect cruise destination. Whether you are leaving for countries abroad or actually headed into the country, there will be plenty of options for Italian cruises. Another popular way to see the picturesque back country of Italy is on a river cruise, seeing the area around Venice, or traveling down the Po River, Italy’s longest of its kind.

Most cruises in Italy make great use of the surrounding Mediterranean waters, offering travel to islands such as Corsica and Malta, to the exotic African shores, even to Greece and Turkey. About 40 miles outside of Rome, you’ll find the port city of Civitavecchia, which is the main departure point of the majority of cruises in Italy. You’ll find all the major cruise liners here, including Carnival, though most are Italian companies. Though Civitavecchia has many great sights of its own, including ruins that date back to the second century, if you want to explore the seas surrounding Italy, you’ll have no time to waste. With so many Italian cruises departing, you’ll have a great variety of destinations available. Take a cruise that focuses on the African side of the sea, with stops in Tunisia and Egypt – even Morocco if you book one of the longer cruises, which usually last about two weeks at sea. Malta and Sardinia are other popular ports of call – the former offering the warmest weather in all of Europe, and the latter is one of the most secluded areas in the Mediterranean, an island that seems untouched by time itself. Head over to Turkey and Greece for a little Middle Eastern flair – plenty of 10 day Italian cruises make these countries their prime destination.

If you are further north, you may wish to skip Civitavecchia and sail out of Genoa. Located on the Ligurian peninsula, your trip will take you past quaint hillside villages, sheer cliffs, sandy beaches – the area’s diversity is only matched by its beauty. Genoa is where you’ll find lots of cruises around Italy, which often. If the Italian coastline appeals to you more than setting sail for foreign lands, the best Italian cruises you’ll will never stray from the boot – heading south to Sicily (and usually stopping Palermo or a coastal town nearby) before going up to the canals of Venice. Some of these are round trip, but if one of these cruises around Italy is only a small portion of your European vacation, you can make Venice your final destination and continue your travels by land. The main ports of call on cruises around Italy include Livorno, Portofino, Pisa, Sorrento, Naples, Palermo and Venice.

The other popular types of cruises in Italy are the majestic river cruises, allowing you to see all kinds of the northern countryside. Major ports of call on one of these river cruises will include villages small and large, most notably Mantua, Polesella and Chioggia, where the Po feeds into the Adriatic Sea.

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