Italy Honeymoon Package

Few countries have the romantic appeal of Italy. This is why Italy honeymoon packages remain so popular. Rome has elegant squares and gardens, beautiful locales like the Spanish Steps and Borghese Gardens, charming restaurants hiding in dim corners of Trastevere, and a romantic ambiance that never stops, not even at 4 in the morning. Venice is Italy’s romance capital a main destination for All-inclusive Italy packages - when you think of the city, the first images conjured up are of the singing gondoliers, ferrying you and your lover across the canals of the city. The Venetian air is thick with the language of love. And then there’s Tuscany – another fabled land where lovers’ dreams come true. The rolling hills, exquisite wines, medieval architecture and effervescent meadows are like a trip back into time, and the city of Florence, with its picturesque bridges and quaint roads through the center of town, make this one of the top destinations for Italy honeymoon packages.

Movies, books, television – all seem to extol the virtues of Italy as a paradise for those seeking romance. And they are not mistaken. A wide variety of Italy travel packages has kept it near the top of the list of popular European destinations, and it is especially popular for those heading out on their honeymoon. They can see the Italian countryside, regal and reposed, as their married life begins.

And few Italy honeymoon packages eschew Rome. Other than being the most culturally significant city in Europe, anyone who has traveled there with their significant other will readily sing the city’s praises. From the public rose garden overlooking Palatine to the popular Piazza Navarro to the many treasures of the former Roman Empire, there’s no question why Rome is the centerpiece of all Italy travel packages. Also, if you want to enjoy some nightlife during your honeymoon, this is the place to go. No matter the time, people are still navigating the city, heading out for Sambuca, or on their way home from the non-stop club scene that Rome is a party to.

The northern hills and lakes are another great place to spend your honeymoon. Lake Como has gained international acclaim as one of Europe’s most beautiful locations, and the Italian Riviera is full of secluded areas perfect for All-Inclusive Italy packages for your honeymoon. The best might be Cinque Terre, and while you won’t find many Italy travel packages that take you to this quiet collection of fishing villages, once you step foot off the train in Monterosso, you’ll see why these cities have been slowly gaining in popularity over the past couple decades. Olive groves, a tiny beach, opportunities for hiking into the tranquil hills nearby – you are guaranteed to fall in love here, with both the city and your new spouse.



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