Tours of Italy

As you determine which of the sights in Italy you would like to visit, you may want to consider looking into an Italy package tour. While purists may see organized tours of Italy as evidence of a missing sense of adventure, many find the convenience of having transportation and itinerary lined up ahead of time a weight off their mind. Besides, there are many variations on tours to Italy that can result in a perfect marriage of convenience and excitement. And package tours often offer discounted prices for airfare and/or accommodations.

The most obvious way to books tours of Italy is to find an escorted tour - a carefully structured group with other travelers and a trained guide. An Italy package tour such as this often includes airfare, lodging, transportation, admission costs and a majority of meals. Escorted tours vary considerably in price, although the itineraries are mostly very similar. The factors that determine which end of the scale a given tour occupies are essentially the size of the group, the class and location of the hotels and the number of meals and extras included.

Another option, for the more independent traveler, is a package tour. These do not involve tour groups - they are generally just the combination of hotel and airfare at lowered prices than if they were purchased separately. The inclusion of a car rental is an additional option.

Tours of Italy are not just all-or-nothing affairs, however. You can take any number of small tours of Italy. A three day food and wine tour of Italy can be a nice diversion in the midst of a long vacation. Short bicycle tours of Italy are also popular and fairly easy to arrange. Whether pedaling up the steep hills of Tuscany is your speed or the lowlands of Parma is more your idea of a good time, there are a wide array of tours available.

Tours to Italy can also include exploration of the Alps in the northern Piedmont or Lombard regions. Hiking tours also exist, for those not ready for the snowy peaks of the Turin area. A combination of hiking or biking tours with food and wine tours of Italy are also available, and just as easy to arrange as any other. Some of these can even be listed as options on a complete Italy package tour. But whatever path you choose and whichever cities you see, nearly every one of these tours to Italy will provide plenty of memories to last a lifetime.

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