Lecco Italy

Lecco Italy is located only 30 miles north of Milan, on the top of the southeastern branch of Lake Como. Many visitors who come to this popular destination in Northern Italy begin their vacation with the best-known towns, including Bellagio and Como, but Lecco is one of the smaller towns that are well worth exploring in its own right. Whether you’re planning an entire trip to Lake Como or just a day trip from your Milanese vacation, Lecco will be a memorable part of your stay. Here you will find an ancient village right on the lake full of beautiful architecture and piazzas.

The town of Lecco Italy is also famous for being towered over by a picturesque mountain, Monte Resegone. This mountain is more than just a pretty backdrop from the main piazza of Lecco, it is also popular with hikers and mountain climbers. If you’re looking to incorporate some outdoor activity into your relaxed Italy vacation, Monte Resegone is a great place to hit the hiking trails. Once potential visitors realize just how enchanting this town is, they often want to spend a few nights. There are many Lecco hotels where you will be more than comfortable during a visit to Lake Como.

Luckily for visitors, Lecco hotels are available in many different price ranges. Those looking for five-star luxury estates will want to check out Villa D’Este. If four-star elegance is more your style, hotel options include Albergo Terminus or C-Hotel and Spa. Budget travelers who want to experience the beauty of Lecco Italy will also have hotel options. Book a room in Villa Medici Giulini to spend a few nights in a seventeenth-century residence. Other budget options include vacation rentals. You can often receive excellent value on vacation rentals, especially if you’re splitting the cost with friends or family.

With Monte Resegone in the background, Lecco might just be one of the most picturesque towns on the lake. Local attractions include the two main piazzas of the town: Piazza Cermenati and Piazza XX Settembre. Many literature fans find themselves exploring Lecco after reading a famous book that was set here, The Betrothed by Alessandro Manzoni. There are of course churches to visit, including the Basilica of San Nicolo. Visitors with an interest in history will want to check out the local Archeological Museum, the Manzoni Museum, and Villa Manzoni. There is also a Natural History Museum and many fascinating monuments throughout the town.

Waking up in Lecco hotels, the entire town will be at your fingertips. While some day trippers try to squeeze in as many sites as they can during one day, you can take your time browsing the Town Art Gallery, sitting down for a cup of coffee in the main piazza, and taking in the views of the lake. Other small towns to visit on Lake Como are the teeny town of Varenna and the charming town of Menaggio. Some visitors choose to spend their trip exploring all the different towns, while others take a more natural approach. Between mountain climbing, boating, and water skiing, outdoor enthusiasts will find many ways to fill the day during a trip to Lake Como.

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