Menaggio is one of the many destinations to add to your list when planning a vacation in Northern Italy. With one gorgeous town after another, it can become difficult to know where to begin your exploration of Lake Como. Many start in the city of Como and venture to the beautiful town of Bellagio, but don’t exclude the other cities in the area. Located on the western side of Lake Como, Menaggio Italy is a thriving little town that is as well known for its relaxed atmosphere as for its beauty. From medieval buildings to the beloved Piazza Garibaldi, Menaggio is full of lovely sights. Many visitors choose to plan just a day trip here, but those who want to get to know Lake Como a little better might want to investigate Menaggio hotels.

Those travelers that choose to take a closer look at Menaggio will find a wide range of things to do beyond strolling the historic streets and sitting down to a delicious meal. There are some beautiful churches here to explore, including the San Stefano that dates back to the seventeenth century. For the best views, take a walk up to the ruins of a medieval castle above the town. You will find many simple pleasures in Menaggio Italy as well, including strolling along lakeshore promenades shaded by trees and flanked by gorgeous flowers. All of this beauty adds up to a real serene destination to spend a few days of your Italian vacation.

If you’re convinced to spend a few nights, you will need to make arrangements for Menaggio hotels. There are two main types of accommodation here: hotels and vacation rentals. Each option has its pros and cons. While vacation rentals are often spacious and affordable, they might not offer some of the support that a hotel with a concierge can offer. When it comes to Menaggio hotels, some of the top choices include the Grand Hotel Victoria, the Grand Hotel Menaggio, Hotel Du Lac Menaggio, and Hotel Merioni. The town is full of options for different price ranges, whether you’re looking for a basic three star hotel or something a little more luxurious.

While Menaggio is definitely known for its serene atmosphere, the town also has plenty to offer active travelers. If you’re looking to soak up the sun and do a little swimming, head down to the Lido. Power boats and skis are available for rental if you want to spend some time water skiing. Sailing boats are also available. If you’re traveling as a family, these water sports can be a fun activity for kids. There are lessons available if you want your kids to learn how to sail or take an introductory class to water skiing. For something a little less intense, you could always board a ferry to explore other towns along the shores of Lake Como as well.

Another great way to get to know Menaggio Italy is to hire a local tour guide. These experts can share details about the town and surrounding area that you wouldn’t discover on your own. There are also golf courses nearby if you want to play a round during your trip. After days of water sports and tours, it will be time for one of Menaggio’s chief pleasures: eating dinner. Charismatic street cafés and tiny restaurants are sure to make you fall in love with Italian food all over again. From wine bars to formal restaurants, there is a place for every mood in Menaggio.

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