Varenna Italy

Varenna Italy is the perfect stop for savvy travelers who know that the best Italy vacations are the ones that are taken slowly. Instead of trying to squeeze in visits to many areas of the country, focusing on one region, such as Lake Como in Northern Italy, offers a great chance to get to know the area in depth. Here, there are many charming towns where you can explore local history, dine al fresco, and get out on the lake for some water sports. Varenna is a colorful small town right on the shores of Lake Como is not one of the most visited, but those who arrive here like it that way. Visiting Varenna Lake Como can be part of a larger tour that includes towns like Bellagio, Menaggio, Lecco, and Como.

If you’re looking to explore small town Italian life on the lakes, book a few nights in Varenna hotels. This town has a population of less than 1,000 residents, but is known for its scenic views of the lake and ancient alleyways. Varenna Italy is known as a romantic destination, and many couples arrive here to explore the sun-kissed buildings and enjoy boat rides on the lakes. If you want to spend a night or two, one choice for Varenna hotels is local bed and breakfasts. These charming options will deliver the opportunity to live in an Italian household for a few days. Local bed and breakfast options include Orange House and Villa Elena.

There are also more luxurious accommodation options in Varenna Lake Como. One of the best is Castello di Vezio. This villa is located above the town of Varenna, and offers gorgeous views of the three branches of Lake Como. Considered to be one of the best Varenna hotels, this property offers a swimming pool and tennis court and can accommodate up to 27 guests. If you’re traveling in a group, there is no better place to stay. Other traditional hotel options include the elegant Olivedo hotel or Villa Cipressi, perched right above the shores of Lake Como.

If you can tear yourself away from the comfort of your hotel or from a table overlooking the lake, there are some wonderful attractions to see in Varenna Italy. It should come as no surprise that one of these attractions is a church, Saint Giorgio’s Parish Church. If you choose not to stay at Castello di Vezio or Villa Cipressi, these hotels are historic attractions in their own right. Another stunning example of the architecture in this region is the Villa Monastero. In between sightseeing stops, you might want to cool off with an ice cream or fuel up with local pastries. Some of the best places are 27 MQ, Il Molo, and La Frulleria.

When you spend a few days in Varenna Lake Como, one of the chief pleasures will be dining. For such a small town, you will have many options for restaurants. Some visitors find that the restaurants are reason enough to stay for a few days. Be sure to sample local seafood and northern Italian specialties during your stay. Top restaurants in Varenna include Al Terrazo Eremo Gaudio, Cavallino, and Il Caminetto. The town is also home to shopping options, including clothing, jewelry, and gourmet foods. If you’re looking for even more information on Varenna, stop into the tourist office in the center of the town when you arrive. Climbing aboard a ferry to continue your exploration of Lake Como, you’ll be sad to say goodbye to the charming village of Varenna.

Varenna Italy


Varenna Italy is the perfect stop for savvy travelers who know that the best ...

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